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3 Mistakes That You Need To Avoid Before You Submit To Article Directories

Posted on : 11-09-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing


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Article writing is a time tested, proven effective method to increase targeted traffic to your website. It may seems as if submitting article is no longer as effective as it used to be due to increase volume of article submissions daily, notably thanks to the increase awareness of organic SEO benefits associated with article submission.

Some people submit articles for the sake of submitting in the hope that this will increase backlink juice to their website. It is not always the case though because most readers decides in the 1st 10 seconds or so if it is worth their time to continue to read your article. As such, it is important for you not just to consider things that you should do with regards to article writing but more importantly to ensure you avoid some of the mistakes that would put readers off from reading your article and follow your resource link.

1)Too much emphasis on sales pitch
An article with the slightest hint of sales pitch put off most readers and that’s the end of the story. People can sense a sales marketing pitch from a mile. Always remember that the main objective of your article is to provide fresh information that is of either 1) problem oriented and 2) solution oriented. A person usually make up his or her mind within the 1st 10 seconds of glancing through your article. Therefore, make sure you do not include sales pitch message in your article, no matter how mild it is. Remember the mantra of WIFM (what’s in for me ) mentality. Your number one goal in article marketing is to convince the user as to why they should continue to read the entire article. That essentially means providing quality content with no sales pitch message!

2) Do not bother to focus on the title of the article.
The title of the article is very important because a reader usually judge the relevancy of the article in relation to what they are searching based on the title!. It’s just pure common sense isn’t it? For instance, you skim through the title of articles in a magazine and decides if it is worth your time and interest to flip through to the that page article. Readers are usually drawn to title that includes catch phrase such as “How to”, “Secrets”, “Amazing” and other hypnotic words. Many article writers tend to focus on the content of the article but make the disastrous mistakes of not formulating a good title.
It is also important to make sure the title contains the main keyword phrase so that it gets index by the search engines. It would be such a pity that your great article bypassed by readers simply due to lousy titles.

3)Lack of emphasis on call to action to follow your link (via the resource box or author bio)
This is a common mistake that even most experience article writer make. The main objective of article submission is to get the reader to visit your website. As such you should craft your article in such a way that you leave the reader drooling for more information and which they could only get by clicking on the link in the resource box! If you can’t convince or get the reader to click on the link in the resource box your article writing and submission is but all wasted efforts! There will be no backlinks and no traffic increase to your website if visitor do not follow your link. How do you get the reader to follow your link? Well, stay tune for my next post. Cheers!

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