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The ABC’s Of Google AdSense

Posted on : 06-04-2010 | By : Khush Bedi | In : Internet_Marketing

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Google AdSense is a fantastic way to make multiple streams of residual income. But, where is a total newbie supposed to go to learn it, in a way she can understand? Why is it such a problem to find a teacher who is good at teaching you, if you happen to be an absolute beginner?

It is no different for AdSense guides. Almost nobody takes you by the hand and walks with you step by step, starting right at the beginning. Everybody assumes you already know something you do not know, and as soon as that happens, everything that comes after that, might as well be written in Martian.

So, let us change all that starting right now: What is AdSense? You may have heard the terms Google AdWords and AdSense a lot, and you probably have an idea that they both can be used to make money. You may be under the impression that you first have to spend money to get them, before you can begin to use them to make money.

AdSense is totally free. Not just, free to join; but free for life. There are no hidden charges, ever. AdWords, on the other hand, are ads that people pay for, on a per click basis. Only if their ads are clicked, are they required to pay. Some of the money that AdWords buyers pay, goes to AdSense users; in other words, to you.

At this point you may be wondering, if Google does not charge you a dime, and they pay you; what is it that you do for them? You put AdWords ads on your website or blog. Anytime someone clicks one, you make money. It is no problem if you do not have a website, because you can have a free blogger blog up and running in 5 minutes. You just add content, and you can even acquire content for free, too.

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