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How To Achieve Success – In The Face Of Defeat

Posted on : 05-12-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, personal development


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Time sure pass quickly.  It is less than a month away  for us to bid farewell to year 2012 and welcome  the new year 2013. I guess for some people it is time to do some soul searching in regards to how well they fair in regards to their personal quality life and online business where applicable.

What is left undone and how much more do you need to catch up and do so that you can end the year with a  big bang of satisfaction?  Listen, this is very important because when you feel good about what you have accomplish by end of the year, you are more likely to stay motivated to achieve even more moving forward in the coming new year.

It is a good time to do some personal reflection on the resolution and goals that were established for this year. Have you achieve what you planned and set up to do? How do you rate your progress in regards to your  job, career, health and other aspects of your personal life?

Interesting, the yard stick for measuring  quality life and goals  is in terms of  ‘success’.   Given a scale from one to ten, with one being minimal accomplishment and maximum ten being a hundred percent success how would you rate yourself?

Success means different thing to individual. Of course many people tend to associate it with wealth and I have no doubt that money is indeed one of the common yard stick.  Can you achieve success in a short time? The answer is again of course it all depends on what sort objectives and the extend of stretch goals you set up to achieve it.

The simpler and the less aggressive  the goal the higher the success rate.  It all boils down to expectations. For instance, you will have a hard time in work if  you work for a boss who is a perfectionist. Your boss may not give you a very good performance review because of he high expectations and he might measure your success in reference to the extreme end of the rating scale.

Lets face it, failure will forever will be part and parcel of life. Is there an International standard definition for  failure? Well, it depends on individual. A sportsman who comes in second to take the bronze medal might be viewed as a total failure by his country men because  they will accept nothing but the gold.

On the other hand, there are those who are greeted with open arms and held in high regards by their nation when they qualify for the Olympics and then  make it into the final round of the competition, regardless of whether they win a medal or not.

This reminds me of the London 2012 Olympic men diving championship event. The Chinese divers were defending champion and strong contender for the gold  but in the end it was the American who stole the show. The Chinese team wept even though they got the bronze medal while the British were thrilled with their silver medal.

Instead of indulging in self pity each time you face any setbacks,  why not turn failures into your allies.In the face of defeat the famous world war two  heavily decorated General MacArthur said he will return to Philippine victoriously even as his soldiers faced certain defeat by the Japanese Empire.


Life is too short to be measured based solely on the word  ‘success’ .  There is this saying  that  ‘success is ninety nine percent failure’. How we respond to a failure is more important than the actual outcome itself. Thomas Edison, the great inventor attributed his success to the  hundreds of failed experiments. Each aborted failed experiment helps  him ti inch closer  to the solution he was seeking.

You can achieve success even  in the face of defeat or  failure. You don’t have to take my word for it because you can either give up each time you run into any problem or you grow stronger out from it.

You can either find a way to run away from challenges in life (such wallowing in self denial or blame others for your all your predicaments ) or you can live through it and emerge a stronger and better person. The choice is really yours, the battle is yours. I rest my case.

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