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Addicted to Android – Life Changing Technology

Posted on : 21-01-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Mobile Marketing, Mobile Technology, Technology

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I am addicted to Samsung Mobile Galaxy S2 phone. It never occur to me that mobile technology has progressed by leaps and bounds the past few years .  There are so many things that you can do with it nowadays. It is no longer just a normal phone one use  to typically make or receive calls. On a personal note, for me, Android OS is indeed a life changing technology that opens up new opportunities to connect and reach out to the world.

It has become somewhat like a Swiss all in one army knife so to speak. Integrated high resolution camera, huge memory storage, high speed processor, GPS,  improve wireless technology, larger screen display and other plethora of function rich enhancements turn a palm size communication gadget into super powerful mini computer.

Mobile applications are  key enablers that makes it what it is of today.  Apart from standard apps such as SMS, email, camera, games, radio and music,  mobile social media networking and bookmarking apps such as Facebook, YouTube, StumbleUpon and tons of cool apps makes it a must bring along gadget wherever you are.

One interesting and cool feature that I really like is the fact that you can instantly upload pictures and videos that you capture from you phone to YouTube or Facebook!. You can also blog while you are on the move, say in the bus or train but please refrain from doing while you are on the wheels driving!

You can also do serious work stuffs with it too for instance, write and respond to business emails, create or edit documents such as spreadsheets and all sort of Office documents. Boy, you can even do live video conferencing with people half the world away.  I wonder what else the smart phone cannot do!.

Okay, I think I am getting ahead of myself. I am really glued and stuck to Android apps.  Even though the Galaxy S2 is not the best smart-phone around, nevertheless I like it because it is quite easy to use, and not restricted to stuffs like Apple where most apps need to be register and downloaded via iTune.

Last but not least, all serious Internet Marketers and online business entrepreneurs should not overlook the potential to generate lucrative income with  mobile marketing.  Google indicates that its daily mobile ads revenue is at least US$10million a day!

More and more consumers are making purchase and e-commerce transaction via their mobile phone so the sooner you mobilize your online business the sooner you get to reach out to billions of prospects and customers.  Mobile marketing is not the future, it is now and you need to make plans to make your business websites to be mobile friendly.

PS: If you are an Android phone user and you are looking for free apps then you are in for a good treat.  Recently I discovered a site that contains lots of cool Android apps. Please check  Android mobile apps  and do take note that you have to use your own discretion and judgement on whether to install it or not.  Some of the apps are known to compromise your smart phone security so watch out for it!










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