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Best Alternative To Free Domain – DotAsia TLD

Posted on : 25-11-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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A domain name is just like a house address or a person’s social security number. Take for instance a blog with web address of   http://www.abc.com. The URL is ‘www.abccom’ and the domain name is ‘abc.com’.

One of the main reason why one is needed (regardless of paid or free ) is so that you can  shorten a long awkward looking URL into a short link.

What is a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) 

People are put off or apprehensive to click on long weird looking link. Which of the following would you feel more at ease to click on?  ‘www.abc.com’ or ‘www.azercrecichxy?q=1234sqer’. A shorter link looks better, easier to remember and  allows you to establish your online presence in the form of  business brand which connect customers to your web portal.

You can get a domain name for free, without paying for one and then redirect it to  the any site of your choice. There are sites where you can apply for one. Listed below are some of those which you can register with.

  • http://www.freedomain.co.nr/
  • http://www.biz.nf/
  • http://www.dot.tk/

Nowadays it is very affordable to get a fresh new domain, usually for less than a burger meal so it is hard to comprehend as to why would anyone still consider getting one. Some of the reasons people might  still sign up for it :

Black Hat Ninja Strategies
Make use of it to implement so called Ninja black-hat SEO techniques to build traffic to so as to rig in fast profit. Sooner or later Google will catch up with it  and black list or worst still remove and ban all those sites from being indexed.

The whole idea behind this tactic is to build hundreds of  low quality sites that points to a main website, generating link-bait or link farms in the hope of getting massive backlinks.  This is an obsolete strategy that is no longer effective because the quality of the backlinks is more important than the quantity of incoming links.

Due to the possibility of  Google slapping ban on URL using such tactics, it is simply not worth to pay for a domain . You might have to implement some form of  proxy to hide the real identity ( Internet Protocol Address ) in conjunction with free web hosting services to build hundreds and thousands of auto-blogs and spam sites.

Testing & Learning  Platform
You can make use of  it to test your sites. It is also a good learning experience for beginners and novice online marketers with  little knowledge about Internet and e-commerce. A free domain site can be use as a learning and staging platform to develop applications.  You might even be able to earn affiliate income and commission  by putting up Adsense ads on some of  these sites. (not recommended though because Google don’t like it )

It sounds good being able to get started without paying a dime, leverage on free URL and hosting service to build websites.  This is all fine if you treat it as short term business or as hobby but beyond that you need to consider the negative impact on your business.

The Long Term Negative Impact

Google is stepping up efforts  to remove free domains and websites from being index. You simply can’t rely on it to build long term sustaining online business.  Moreover, most of the web address  of free sites are usually  located on sub-domains instead of the top level domain (TLD)  and this is not recommended from SEO perspectives.

The free domain name can be revoked or cancelled at any time without advance notice.  You risk losing all the traffic that you painstakingly build up as well as the page ranks of sites using these URLs.

What Is A TLD

A top level domain site is one with web address to the right  that ends with extension .com, .net, .info,.edu, .org and etc.  A URL in the form of TLD  for instance www.topleveldomain.com‘ is definitely much more easier to remember and more valuable than those in the  sub-domain level such as ‘www.freedomain.co.cc‘ .

Go to this link for more details on top level and sub-domains.

The top websites return by Google  search consists mainly of URL that ends with .com extension.  I have not come across sites from sub-domain, particularly those free one with extension .co.cc  rank highly for competitive keywords.

 The Best Alternative To Free Domain

Any start up business require some form of capital investment. Let me ask you a question, are you willing to invest in  a business for  five dollars a year? If your answer is no than you can forget about starting your own business.

Here’s a tip on how to get dozens or more domains for a dime.  Go to crazydomains.com.auand grab a bunch of those  with extension  dot asia .  Just a couple of months ago, you can get it for free and they are top level domains!.

Check out this link to review all the low cheap domain names, particularly those with extension dot asia.

Nowadays, you get still get it for a very good price, it cost three dollars a year so better hurry and sign up for as many as you can while the registration fee is still lock down at all time low.

The price for the asia extension will go up pretty soon.  Asia is going to be the leading economic region in the coming years. More and more people in Asia are spending online.  It is important enough to United States so much so President Obama make it point to travel to south east Asia just a few days after he was reelected.

The number of URL with extension dot Asia is still relatively low and it explains why it is still  relatively cheap at this point of time to register for one.More and more websites hosted in China and other countries in the region  are using both  .asia to boost their presence.

The surge in demand for this URL name extension  no doubt will push the value  and therefore get the search engines to weight in more heavily in terms of  ranking.

You can check out more details about the DotAsia Organization which is responsible for the regulation of the .asia governance and promotion in the Internet.


You should not use free domains to jump start or sustain your online business. You don’t have total control over it and worst still the traffic and page rank you build up will only benefit the service provider and not  your website.

I spend close to over three hundred dollars to acquire hundred of .asia domains. I intend to park most of them in the anticipation that in the near future, the value of such domains will go up and I will earn some profit by trading it in the marketplace.

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