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One Leading Article Marketing Blunder You Should Avoid

Posted on : 01-02-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Article marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive free targeted traffic to your site.  It is a time tested and proven strategy use by many to attract more people to their e-commerce sites.  There is no doubt that submitting articles helps to to create incoming links which then boost your page ranking.

The efficiency and effectiveness of this publicity technique depends on a number factors. Instead of touching on what you should do, I will discuss one big mistake that you ought to avoid.  Article preparation is one of your biggest investment (in terms of the amount of time that you put into it  if you create your own content ) so don’t let it go to waste.

One common and not so obvious article marketing mistake is using the same author name for all the articles you submit.  It might seems alright to do so but you should not.Use different pen name for different article niche instead.When you use the same name all over the place, readers might cast doubt on your credibility and lost trust on your article.

You wouldn’t want to be seen or come across as someone who is an expert in almost everything because it is not possible to be so. Let me cite an example to emphasis my point.  What comes into your mind when you hear the name “Antony Robbins”?

For those of you who knows him, I guess you might probably associate him with personal development and self enrichment programs. He is after all a world renown personal life enrichment coaching Guru who has written several best sellers.

It is not surprising for some people to be proficient and well versed with ten or less domain knowledge.  Of course there are certainly some who are experts in several fields, nevertheless branding is one key element that you need to pay attention to and the more focus and specific your area of expertise the easier it is for you to establish a credible brand in the eyes of your readers.

Would you be on your guard if someone were to to told you that Anthony Robbins is also a master of ship building?  Well, if I were you I would be on my toes not simply because I don’t believe he is not talented to be so but rather for the simple fact that subconsciously  I brand and link him as authoritative figure of personal success coaching only.

For instance, would you convince if say Mr ‘X’ proclaim himself an authority figure on various niches such as  ‘panda rearing’, ‘car racing’,’sky diving’,’scuba diving’ and etc?  Of course probably not and you were right to doubt so,  it might be that Mr ‘X’ either outsource content generation or that he is an expert in content spinning.

Everyone is entitle to their own opinion but the way I see it, it is more convincing if you submit articles for none related different niches under different pen name.  Some article and ezine directories imposed limitation on the number of pen names or co-authors allowed for one user account so you should try to spread your article distribution using different user log-in credential.

Apart from reader perception described earlier in this article, you should avoid using your real name in all articles that you submit. There is always a certain element of security risks associated with real name  disclosed in the Internet.

I bet many Internet Marketing Guru use nick names or pen-names for many of the articles they submit.  Many do this with the intention to cover their trails so to speak. (Prevent others from analyzing their sales pages, websites, notably to hamper the effectiveness of  competitor analysis).

There are many ways for you to mess up your article marketing campaigns. Using the same author name for every articles you submit is a big mistake that you should avoid.  No matter how good your articles are, readers tend to form a perception based on several factors and suffice to say, author name is definitely one of the them.







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