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Is Article Marketing Dead? – Find Out The Shocking Truth

Posted on : 16-02-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Those who are involved with Internet marketing for any length of time would have most probably heard of article marketing.   It is a marketing strategy that involved the process of creating and distributing articles to various sites on the Internet where they will in turn be distributed to a wide range of webmasters and publishers. Many Facebook marketing advocates proclaimed that article marketing is obsolete or dead. Some will tell you that with recent Google Panda update and ongoing search ranking algorithm changes,  the page rankings of major article directories document sharing sites has suffered and disappeared from the front of the search engine result page.

When mighty Google put less emphasis on major content publishing and syndication sites such as ‘ezinearticles.com”, your articles  associated with the search keywords suffers as well and  it might no longer show up in the front and top of the search engine result page.

Organic search traffic using this method seems to be getting harder to build. Should you therefore abandon this strategy and shift your focus to other techniques for instance social media web 2.0 advertising such as twitter, video or audio marketing?  Let’s look at this argument objectively and understand why it is still worthwhile to focus on content marketing.

I met a friend that I have lost touch  with for over six years;  we had coffee in Star-buck and took the opportunity to catch up with the good old times. I asked her what she does for a living nowadays and she told me she is into full time online social media marketing using Facebook.

I am an avid Facebook user, I update my status several times a day and truly enjoy it. There is no doubt in my mind the tremendous opportunity social networking sites such as this has plenty  to offer  in terms of  communication, particularly with existing friends as well to make new acquaintances or build rapport with communities all around the world.

I was therefore rather surprised when she told me consumers that come to know about her business portal via article syndication sites  are usually more targeted,  responsive and easier to convert into buyers versus those referred through social web 2.0 media networking sites.

Do not underestimate the power of article marketing. Some people assumed that it is no longer effective or obsolete to generate incoming links or back links due to to ever increasing popularity of social media web 2.0 that has combined traffic surpassing that of mighty Google.

Is that really the case? Is building natural search traffic to your site via article distribution obsolete? Such assumption is far from the truth. On the contrary, more people are searching and leveraging on syndicated contents to attract visitors and to promote related business websites.

Social Interaction Do Not Equate Online Shopping
Content marketing is a time tested strategy to improve a site’s page ranking and to build targeted traffic more effectively compare to lets say a Facebook Fan-page . It is not that difficult to understand why it is so.

Social media networks by their very nature are basically and foremost geared towards social interaction and not the place for people to buy things online. People normally don’t go to Facebook to buy things but rather to socialize.

Too Much Distraction
For instance, people make use of Facebook to communicate or keep  in touch with fans and friends.  This can be easily accomplish through various means and activities such as sharing of photos, movies, games, blogs, status,  online chat and etc. There are practically too many widgets in Facebook which competes for the user attention!. Your chances of making any sales or collect any targeted leads are quite slim.

In summary, you should not ignore article marketing; it is not obsolete technique as many people make it up to be  It is a time tested proven working strategy which perhaps no longer work as effective as before nevertheless with some creativity and slight tweak to the approach, you can in fact generate massive traffic to your site.


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