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Article Marketing – Quantity Versus Quality

Posted on : 28-05-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Article submission remains one of the best methods to increase organic search traffics and back link juice to your websites.  Article marketing involved submission of relevant articles to top ranking article and Ezine directories. The articles you submit should contain information pertaining to your niche market product or service that you intend to promote or sell.

The author’s byline or resource box in the article you submit should contain important information such as your website or blog URL. A URL (Universal Resource Locator) is some sort of unique IP address that describe the location of a file in the Internet.

The contact detail in resource box is the most important means of which readers may contact you and also the means for others to link their web page back to your website, process usually known as back links.

In some way you can assume article marketing as means of syndicating your unique articles to publishers. You grant rights to publishers to reprint your articles with the condition that the publisher or whoever include your article only do so provided the author byline or resource box is always published along with your article.

Article submission directories such As ‘EzineArticles.com’, ‘GoArticles.com’ and ‘ArticleBaseDirectory’ receive hundreds if not thousands of article submissions daily. These directories rank extremely high in terms of Alexa rating and search engine page rankings. 

Search engines considered these top directories authoritative in terms of the articles published. Most people rely on search engines to look for information they need from the Internet.

Your article might just appear on the top list of the search engine results for relevant keywords if the article content is search engine friendly and of up to date good quality .

Nevertheless, there are those who feel that article marketing has become so saturated so much so it has lost it total effectiveness.  On the hand there are those who felt that article marketing is just a pure number’s game in the sense that the more articles you submit the more traffic and back link juice that is going to be generated back to your website.

So which of these two factors are more important?  Is the quantity of articles or the quality of the articles more important?  The main objective of article marketing is to get readers to visit your website or blog after they read your article.

The article must therefore be of relevant to the product or service you are trying to promote, be of good quality, interesting and address the needs of the reader. A good article quickly captures and draws the attention of the reader.

A good quality article should not be too long. Most people tend to skip long paragraphs and read between the lines. An article of between 400 to 600 words should just be fine. Present your message quickly and efficiently.

Visitors usually make up their mind within first 10 seconds at glance on whether to continue reading or skip an article.

A visitor has short attention span.  It is therefore important for you to ensure your article touch on the sweet spot and raise the curiosity of the reader.

A well-written quality article ends with some sort of hypnotic sentence that make the reader wanting more thus leading them to visit your website through the author byline or resource box. Give visitor a reason to come back and visit your website!

No amount of article submissions will help if the reader finds it boring or not meeting up to expectations. It is important for you to create article that is search engine friendly but more important that it is of good quality for human readership.

In summary, do not compromise the quality of your article in favor of quantity. The ideal case would be to submit as many high quality article as you could.

After all, increased back link juice and incoming volume traffics to your websites are usually clear indication and point to the quality of the articles posted and popularity of your site

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