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Article Writing 3 Secrets Revealed

Posted on : 17-09-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Article marketing (which involves article writing and submission) is an important aspect of online business promotion strategy. A quality article is the ultimate viral marketing and branding tool in your promotional arsenal. Many people wonder why they are not getting backlink juice and traffic to their website despite the numerous articles submitted to ezine and article directories.

It’s one thing to write an article and quite a different thing to produce an article that gets the reader to follow your resource links thus bringing in massive traffics to your site. Article marketing will never be the same once you discover 3 secrets that allows you to produce articles that suck the reader in and literally hypnotize them to follow your link and make them wanting for more.

Secret #1 Target A Popular Sub Niche Within A Niche

Golden rule #1 is do market research and underpin the niche(topic) of the article you wish to write. Foremost, identify a niche that is profitable and in good demand and then target a popular sub niche within that niche. For instance, weight loss is a popular, high demand and competitive niche. You can drill down further and target a sub niche for that niche.

For instance weight loss for aging dog.  Choosing a sub niche within a niche will reduce the competition (amount of competing websites) and at the same time enable you to write articles that is more targeted to the readers, those who are more likely to follow your link to get more information.!
Make use of long tail keywords (narrow keywords) to target less-competitive niche markets.

Don’t forget to include the long tail keywords in the title of the article.! You can have a great article however if the niche (topic) is not popular or off topics and not related to your niche then you will not be able to reap maximum benefits as far as traffic is concern since there will be very few people searching for such articles. As a matter  of fact
you might just be simply wasting your time!

On the other hand in no way am I implying you should ignore all niches that are not popular or low in demand. It is just that you can be quite  depress if you target a niche that do not bring in much traffic and  poor sales conversion. Sometimes, you may be able to hit the jackpot by being the early bird in promoting low key niche which might turn out to be the next killer product or service. You may never know but again, its your personal choice though.

How do you determine if a niche/topic is popular or not? Just go and  Google search the topic and see how many competing pages and many searches per month! Aim for a topic that has at minimum 3 thousand  search per month and at most 100,000 competing pages. You also want to avoid choosing a very popular niche that is too competitive.  For instance, the niche market on ‘weight loss’ is very popular and so highly competitive market that it would take tremendous amount of  advertising costs and SEO efforts to position your site on the first  page of Google search engine results page.

Secret #2 Write short and focused conversational style article

Many article writers do not realize that most readers who read your article probably has a lot of in depth knowledge on the niche/topic of  the article they are searching for. After all, a lot of people search ezine and article directories to look for information that may help to address their problems. It is suffice to say that these people may have gather lots of information through the search engines before they stumble upon your article!.

Most articles in ezine and article directories are just variants of some other articles, simply being rephrase to avoid plagiarism but having the same content in retrospect! Some people prefer to take the short cut route by using article spinner software to create multiple articles from the original seed article. You may be able to get the search engine off your back from targeting  your spin off article as duplicates but what the point of doing so if human reader found the article to be regurgitate of some other articles?

What are the chances of readers following your link? By the way, for goodness sake, don’t just emphasize on figures and facts!. Your main objective of article writing is to make it interesting and entertaining. Write articles that stands out but don’t over hype!.Choose a topic that you know a good deal about. When you are familiar with a particular subject, it will be easier to write an article on it. Be passionate about the niche or topic because it will show in your writings.

You want to produce article that hypnotize and suck the reader that thirst for more after they read it. Many writers simply miss the point in the sense that you don’t need to produce an article that is absolutely 100% true to the facts but importantly , just simply convincing enough. Write in conversational manner, as if you are talking to friend and inject personality into articles that are short and focused.

Secret #3 Structure The Content Properly

This is one of the most important tips that determine if your articles makes or breaks with regards to getting visitor to follow the author bio or resource link. (Your website link) structure your article to 4 major steps namely, 1)the title, 2) the opening, 3) the body and 4) the closing.  You need to produce an article that is captivating enough for reader to go through the opening, the body and finally the closing which has call to actions to get the reader to click on the resource link. Title->Opening->Body->Closing->Resource link

Step #1 – Title
The title of the article is the 1st thing that a reader look and upon which a decision is quickly made, usually within seconds whether the article is worth reading or not. If the title of the article is  captivating and interesting then you have managed to move one step closer to achieving your objective. If you have done all necessary homework for secret #1 then chances are that you have a solid title that draws the attention of the reader to proceed to the next phase.

Step #2 – The Opening
Your title got you to the next phase. Your first paragraph must keep them reading. Readers have a short attention span and if the first few lines don’t compel them to keep reading, you have lost the deal.  Include the keywords in the opening paragraph. State in less than 200 words what benefits or problems the article will sought to address.  If you state 5 secrets or 5 tips then you must make sure the subsequent body of the article cover the 5 tips or secrets mentioned in the opening.

Step #3 – The Body
The body of your article is where you deliver on the promises you made with your title and opening. Remember the ‘what’s in for me’ mentality. The article is about the reader and not you. Provide solution that is practical to implement and not some out of touch suggestions that requires huge amount of money or incredible efforts.

Step #4 – The Closing
Your closing lines of your article are where you reinforce the ideas you’ve covered in your article. Don’t leave your reader hanging but neither should you give away all the secrets or tips. One of the most powerful strategy to get the reader to follow your resource link (visit your website) is by using the what is the term ‘link bait’  technique.

Essentially what you do is described one or more great tips to solve a specific problem in the article. At the end of the closing, you tell the reader that there is one or more tips or strategies you recently discovered that are more effective and powerful than all the combined solutions mentioned in the article and they can get it for free through your website.  The article should serve as appetizer for the reader to visit your website to get more information.

Article marketing is a powerful and effective technique to increase traffic to your site. It is pretty much an art as much as it is science. Writing a good quality article is only half the story. You need to implement effective article writing strategy to catch the attention of the reader. After all, the ultimate goal of article  writing is to increase backlink juice and traffics to your site. Learn more about Effective Article Writing

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