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Automated Blogging System

Posted on : 25-09-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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It sure feels good to know there exists an affordable and reasonably price high quality automated blogging system that enable you to spend at most 10 minutes to set up a new blog and then let it run automatically on autopilot mode to generate cash for you.

Imagine a blog that automatically post fresh content without any user intervention. Try to visualize the sensational feeling of seeing your Adsense, Clickbank eBay, Amazon and other ads income increase by leaps and bounds; all without you having to break a sweat and toil to write and post time consuming up to date fresh contents on regular basis.

It gets even better when you think about such blogging system that don’t require you to pay for any domain or webhosting? Is it possible that such a system exist? Well, the answer is a definite yes. Not at least till recently with the release of a new blogging system. It is a a dream come true for people who wish to monetize their blogs.

A blog without any frequent fresh contents updates is a dead blog so to speak. Search engines loves blogs that are regularly updated with fresh postings. An automated blogging system such  as auto blog Samurai could not just help save you time but also improve your blog search engine page ranking with least amount of efforts on your part.

For those who are not good in writing blog posts or constraint by time, outsourcing is one of the way to get around such challenges. Well guess what? You don’t even need to outsource content creation with this system thus saving you money. You don’t have to spend as much time and efforts to prepare and publish new postings and you don’t even have to as a matter of fact.

Thus one of the major benefits of this recently released auto blog system is that you have more time to focus on other things, particularly in terms spending more quality time with your family and leading a more well balanced life.

Setting up a new blog is easy; maintaining a blog to be interesting and generating income is a different story all together. It takes hard work, commitment and dedication to maintain a profitable blog . Not to mention time to do SEO (search engine optimization) on top of regular postings.

It gets even better. How about getting hold of a system which automatically publish your blog in different languages? Now that’s what I called a shake and bake system. An all in one system that not only saves you time and money to automatically retrieved and publish relevant contents from RSS feeds, Yahoo Answers and may other social media networks but also options to publish the contents in different languages.

AutoBlog Samurai System

So what is this system that I am referring to? It is none other than autoblog Samurai. It is by and far the most advanced automated blogging system. It is the only software that I know of which allows you to make use of free blogging accounts such as those of wordpress.com and blogger.com to create hundred of cash pumping blogs.

Like most things in life, there is always pro and cons associated with such a system. You will have to consider the benefits versus shortcomings  if any associated with using automated blogging system. First let’s look at why this software has created so much news recently.

Automated Content Publishing

This software enables you to create literally dozens if not hundreds of blogs in record breaking time. It is a fire and forget solution so to speak. You don’t have to worry about keeping all the blogs up todate with fresh postings.

By and large this is the strongest selling point and the reason why you should consider adding such a system to your arsenal of Internet Marketing tools. Time is the essense and any software Internet marketing tools that helps you to improve your work efficiency is a plus.

No Need To Apply For Domain Or Subscribe To Webhosting

This is another strong benefit that is offer only by Auto Blog Samurai system to date. There are many other auto blogging software but none offer this interesting feature. You just need to invest in this software once and after that there is no more additional expenses incure.

You don’t have to worry about hitting the quota and limitation on number of domains and SQL databases associated with standard webhosting that is typical of what most webmaster face when they try to create dozens, if not hundreds of websites and blogs.

Easy Adsense & Affiliate Income

If your main objective is to generate as much Adsense revenue as possible then the automatic blogging system fits in nicely. The more blogs and websites you have with Adsense, the more likely it is for you to generate nice income for it.

After all, it’s a numbers game when it comes to Adsense. Take for instance, if you can get click of US$1/- from each blog, then 100 blogs would rake in US$100/- per day. Multiply that by 30 and you can easily earn a nice income of US$3K/- per month! All without having to lift a finger via auto blog Samurai system!

You do not need to be limited by Adsense income though. There are many other affiliate programs which works on the same publishing business model as that of Adsense. Besides, it is also possible for visitors to purchase from Amazon, eBay and etc through your affiliate links from such blogs that is managed by auto blog Samurai system.

Some of the shortcomings which you ought to take  note of are:

One Shoe Fit All Size Solution?

Of course having hype so much and getting all excited about this system, by no means is auto blog Samurai a panacea for all blogging constraints and challenges. Firstly, automated blogging systems are usually build around what is termed content aggregation.

Merely Just Another Content Aggregator?

In a simple nutshell, the software does not create fresh content but rather pull and post relevant contents from social media network sites and other sources such as article directories and etc. In some way is it pretty much like a magazine which has print articles from various resources. Is this good or bad? It all depends on how you wish to monetize your blogs and short term versus long term online business goals.

Diminish Building Trust

For instance, if you are looking to build long term relationship and trust with your subscribers and readers than I would say that blogs build upon automated blogging system such as this is not as effective as manual postings. A blog that you personally spend time to build on and post unique contents and posting has more sense of personal touch so to speak. It all depends on your objective, whether you are targeting quantity of blogs versus the quality of blogs.


The benefits associated with autoblog Samurai is every blogger’s dream. You now possessed the capability to create and manage dozens, if not hundred of profit pulling blogs with minimal efforts.  Another thing though is that you can still manually create and insert your own posts in between those automated contents posted by auto blog Samurai system.

Suffice to say, it is also very important that you continue to maintain at least one or more blogs that you personally take charge of in terms of interacting with your subcribers and readers. After all, the purpose of blogging is to build and foster trust and long term relationship with your customers and readers. Nothing can substitute that conventional blogging tasks, not even with automated blogging systems such as the Samurai.

You can however leverage on the power of automated blogging Samurai system to drive targeted traffic from such blogs to your primary blog. You just need to include the main blog link in your free domain blogs.   If you are a newbie to blogging and you wish to monetize and earn some multiple income streams from your blogs then you should do yourself a favor by using autoblog Samurai. You will be glad you made that decision. I am wasting no time to grab my copy of this great software before the price goes up, you should likewise I suppose. Cheers!


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