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Avoid These Mobile Marketing Traps

Posted on : 12-11-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Mobile Marketing

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Here are five mobile marketing mistakes that you should avoid. Have it occur to you why mobile marketing campaign usually don’t perform that well during winter compare to other seasons? You need to understand the demographic and climatic region of your target customer. Don’t spend too much on advertising campaign budget during winter.

Winter Impact On Mobile Consumer
People usually find it cumbersome and don’t like to remove their glove to access the keypads in freezing cold winter! Of course this constraint does not apply to countries in equatorial tropical region where it is summer all year round!

Focus On The Customer, Not The Technology!
Successful mobile marketing is not about technology, it is not about how cool looking the app or software is or how awesome the mobile site looks. Rather people use phone to communicate  and that’s the primary goal that you should focus on.

Focus your efforts on providing real value to customer via easy to navigate mobile optimized website.  Make it simple for user to subscribe to your email newsletter or blog whatever it is.

Conventional SMS Outperform Social Media Marketing.
Short message service better known as  SMS, considered outdated by some is still the most cost effective  and fastest way communicate and touch base with prospects and customers.

To date  SMS  and email marketing can still outperform video and audio medium . You may wonder why this is so since we are being bombarded with social networking platform involving video marketing such as Youtube, Facebook and etc.

Don’t make the mistake of  abandoning  all your current and future SMS and email campaigns just because everyone is over-hyping and using social media marketing to build traffic.  It is ill conceived to make social media marketing  your primary marketing campaign instead of an extension of the existing proven method such as email and SMS  as discussed.

Mobile Data Roaming Is Very Expensive.
Data auto roaming is still very expensive to date and consumers usually disable it when they are overseas. Most people will only access web when their mobile handset  are within wireless access network (for instance in the hotel ). On the contrary, incoming international SMS are relatively cheap by today standard.

QR Codes Not Replacement For The Phone Number
Not leaving contact mobile number is another common mistake that many webmasters made.  You need to provide contact phone number so that prospects and customers can reach you!

A phone number is a must in regards to local marketing. Do not assume that everyone knows how to use QR Codes.  There are still many who don’t  know how to use or aren’t familiar with scanning technology.


Don’t be too eager to phase out and replace time tested evergreen marketing strategies  involving SMS and email with over hyped mobile apps marketing.

The online business landscape is ever changing and it is more important than ever to use proven tactics to build traffic.   It is also imperative to avoid some of the mobile marketing blunders and traps which might impact your online business.


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