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Big Is Beautiful – Samsung Smart Phones

Posted on : 18-12-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Mobile Technology, Technology

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I still recalled the earlier years where mobile wireless handsets are as big and heavy as a brick. With advancement in microelectronics and mobile technology mobile phone dimensions start to shrink. Small implies elegance and classy.

I am latecomer to the using smart phone. I was still using an old Nokia mobile phone that only comes only with basis features such as SMS and calls receive capability. I decided to change to Samsung Galaxy S2 when my phone plan expired last month.

Samsung is a market leader for smart phones. The company is now positioned to brand itself as a trend setter much like Apple. I would never switch back to my old Nokia phone again.

I can’t imagine leaving home without my smart phone. I love Android; it is feature rich and really cool with many free apps. Facebook, YouTube, emails, online browsing, games, you name it, the Android apps are readily available and they are free!

With the data plan of 12GB per month, like most average user, I guess I will never reach the quota limits by just surfing the web. Furthermore, like most people I usually prefer to use the wifi for connection when I am at home or in places with wifi hotspots.

Smart phones get slimmer and smaller by each successive model. Samsung has of recent redefine what smart phone dimension is to be. Apparently now it seems that the bigger the dimension the better it is.
Samsung Smart Phone - Notes
Take a look at the size of Samsung’s latest smart phone, the Samsung Notes. It is almost the size of a ping-pong bat. I bet you can even  play table tennis with it. Yeah, sure do the screen looks big and comfortable to the eyes but it is too huge a dimension to fit nicely into your front or back pockets.

With a 5”3 inch screen display, this smart phone is by far the largest of its kind. Powered by Android OS, I have no doubt that it will be well accepted by consumers particularly Samsung smart phone fans.

The Note was designed and positioned in the market as an in between average smart phone and the Samsung mini tablet. I guess that is fine but I don’t think it is going to be a top Samsung products because of its sheer size which may put off some people who might find it inconvenience to carry around.

Surprisingly I think the ladies may find the Notes a good and nice to have products because they can put it into their handbags. Well, I am happy with my S2, and regardless of the size.

The major problem with all smart phones is the battery life. Wifi and 3G data access it drains a lot of power and as a result you got to charge it almost everyday. I have to set the display brightness to minimum and disable GPS tracking feature otherwise the battery will be flat by end of the day even if I don’t use it to call or surf the net.

Who knows, perhaps there will come a time whereby smart phone will be powered by super mini nuclear cell thus alleviating the need to charge for years just like nuclear submarines.

For sure I won’t be able to witness that in my time, perhaps the generation after the next! Cheers

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