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Boost Your SEO Ranking With Expired Aged Domains

Posted on : 01-09-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Expiring Domains With High Page Rank

Google Algorithm Updates On SEO 

For those who are new to online business or Internet Marketing, check out this resource to know more about what a domain name is.  Of recent there has been a lot of discussion about Google algorithm updates and how it affect the quality score and ranking of hundreds and thousands of websites.

Most of major updates has tremendous impact on various current tactics and strategies developed by SEO experts to improve organic search traffic, also known as freee  traffic.  Many experience Internet Marketing Gurus found tons of their money making websites with high search ranking for competitive keywords drop like rocks.

As a result some have decided to give up or sell their entire Internet marketing business  under the pretext that they have no time to maintain or focus on it. Truth of the matter is that what works today might not in the near future.

Google updates has become more frequent nowadays. Those who rely on so called loop holes or ‘under the radar’ tactics will suffer the blunt of subsequent and ongoing search algorithm releases.

Back To The Basics – Give What Google Wants

Fact of the matter is many of these so called experts realized they can’t catch up with Google changes. If you are one of those whose business websites are affected then its time to go back to basics, give what Google wants instead of trying to beat the system.  In other words, focus on key critical factors within your control and let the rest take of care of itself so to speak.

It’s All About Quality Content And High PR Aged Domain

There are various factors you need to pay attention to in regards to current and future search algorithm updates. You won’t have to worry about all of them because you simply can’t be on top of each and everyone of it. You can however focus on a few critical factors that are within your means of control.

Firstly, you must make sure your site has good quality content. Nothing beats content because it was and  is still king as far as SEO is concern. The more you focus on providing relevant and quality information on a frequent basis, the less likely you need to worry about future search algorithm changes.

Secondly it is observed that the longer a site domain is registered, the easier  it is for that site to rank  high for competitive keywords.  It is a general perceive guideline rather than a proven fact though.  In most situation, those that exists earlier with some good inbound links and high PR has added edge over those newly registered.

There are some who believe that inbound link factor or the quality of backlinks has greater influence and impact on search engine ranking  compare to old domains.  Many SEO experts believe Google seems to accord more ‘trust’ to older domains and this is not surprising at all.

Some new websites with considerable  inbound links (backlinks) were observed to be outrank by aged domains of the same niche market with little or no back link juice . On the other hand, beyond certain threshold (which Google never divulge on exact algorithm), backlinks seems to improve the competitiveness of a page.

It is important to note that the ‘trust’ factor that many believe help to boost SEO ranking and strongly associated with aged domains is but just one of the over two hundred or so ‘signals’ that Google takes into consideration in regards to search ranking.

What Are Expired Domains

In general term it refers to those domains which the owner has either forgotten or decided not to renew due to  whatever reasons.  Many experienced marketers owns hundreds of domains targeting various niche markets.  As their business expands, it becomes rather difficult to manage all  of them so they might forget or opt to let some of them to lapse .


What’s The Big Deal About It?

Even though there are conflicting opinions  as to what extent the age of domains contributes to SEO improvement, there is no harm for you to leverage on it because it involves very little effort at all. Try to acquire expiring aged domains with high PR (page ranking).  It will help speed up getting your site to rank high in the SERP (search engine result page) quickly.

Here is one important tip you need to pay attention to. You have to acquire it quickly before it it  is completely remove from the registrar.  Google will revert the PRank for whatever URL pointing to that domain back to zero if the search engine spiders crawling that site cannot locate the associated domain in the registry.

Here are links to resources where you can get best deals for buying and trading domains. I normally acquire  them through Namecheap .  Look for discount coupons or promotions offer by the company.

Sometime you can get a domain for as low as  a dollar or less. You can also acquire bulk of it for low price and then park it until it aged or until such time you need to use it. Another site that you can checkout is Protrada.  Some people make tons of money by simply trading domains, much the same way like those who trade on the stock markets.

Why And What You Need To Register A Domain Name For Your Website

 Final Thoughts

Domain age does matter not just for Google but also other major search engines such as Microsoft Bing , Yahoo Search, Ask and etc. You can get your site to be on the top spots of Google and stay put regardless of  Panda updates and other search engine algorithm changes.Acquire aged quality expired domains and include diversified  backlinks to it and you are done.


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