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Increase Blog Traffic With Yahoo RSS Feed

Posted on : 21-12-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Some people make use of business blog to promote their main website. This is a very effective strategy because search engines loves quality blogs. (By quality I mean a blog that is frequently updated with relevant fresh good contents.) The blog contain link to the main website and viewers or readers is more likely to follow the link to reach the main static HTML website.

Unfortunately many Internet marketers and online business fail to promote their blog. You have to promote your blog first so as to drive traffic to the link containing your main webs site. Here is a simple technique to increase traffic to your blog using RSS feed. Did you know that Yahoo allows you to subscribe to your very OWN blog RSS feed? You may wonder what’s the big deal with that and how would that help to increase traffic or visitor to your blog or website.

Think about it for a minute. Yahoo is still one of the world most visited website. By adding your blog RSS feed into Yahoo, what essentially happens is that you can get Yahoo’s search spiders to index your website!. Thus Yahoo search will list the presence of your blog and this can potentially translate to more visitors to your site.

The process of adding your blog RSS feed to Yahoo is as simple as ABC. All you need is to for a start is open an account with Yahoo if you have not done so. It is free to apply for Yahoo account. Just go to www.yahoo.com and click the sign up icon as indicated below.

Yahoo Account Sign Up

Yahoo Account Sign Up

Fill up the sign in Yahoo account form with necessary details and that’s pretty much to it as far as application for Yahoo account is concern. When you received your Yahoo account (which include the Yahoo email account )  go back to Yahoo page.  Click  on the sign in icon located on the upper right side of the page to log into your Yahoo email account.

When you have successfully login into your Yahoo account, navigate to the My Yahoo icon and click on it.  The icon is located on the far upper left hand corner of the main Yahoo page.   Once you click on it, it will bring up the your ‘My Yahoo’ page.

MyYahoo Account

MyYahoo Account

The ‘MyYahoo’ allows you to pesonalize your account including the adding of contents such as RSS feeds.  Click on the green ‘ +content’ icon located on the upper left hand corner of the ‘MyYahoo’ page.  This will bring up various add options.  Locate the ‘Add RSS Feed’ link and click on it to add RSS Feed.

Add RSS Feed To MyYahoo Once you click on the ‘Add RSS Feed’ link it will open up a new dialog box for you to add new RSS Feed.  Input the RSS Feed of your blog and click the ‘Add’ button. That’s all to it. You can add multiple RSS Feeds if you want to.  The whole process to add your RSS Feed into Yahoo takes less than  20 minutes (if you already have an existing Yahoo account then the whole process would be less than 10minutes!)
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