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Breakthrough In Smartphone Battery Technology – Lithium Imide

Posted on : 06-10-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Mobile Technology, Technology

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One of the biggest constraint in regards to smartphone and mobile devices is battery operating hours.  Since more and more people spend increasingly amount of time surfing the net while on the go, battery performance becomes a critical factor.

You don’t have to figure out that  the most advance mobile phone with all the bells and whistles is pretty much useless if one has to connect to some source of main power source to charge up the device all the time while on the move . From customer user experience perspective, the longer a battery operates with one single recharge the better it is.

Unless you are the kind of person who only use SMS or make phone calls, majority of the younger generations relies on it to communicate via social media such as Facebook, watch video, play online games and etc.

Can you imagine what it feels like to find your cellphone power running flat  while you are in the midst of accessing important emails, doing critical mobile transactions and etc!

The advent of battery technology has improve charging time by leaps and bounds (nowadays  it takes probably just an hour or so to recharge a battery versus half a day or even more ten years way back)  but operating hours remain much to be desired.

Performance of the battery do not scale up that well in relation to new generation of mobile processors that consumes more power, brighter and newer screen display that drains battery, increase diverse applications such as games, social media which results in longer usage time.

I am contemplating of getting a spare battery to bring it along while I am on the road.  One of the main shortcoming of Samsung Galaxy SII phone (I suppose it applies to other smart phone brands and models as well) is that the power drain off very quickly when you access CPU intensive applications such as games, watching videos and etc.

I come across an interesting  article that reported on new breakthrough Lithium science, termed ‘Lithium-imide’  holds great potential to increase standard operating hours (power on hours) by up to 3 times to that of  Lithium Ion, the current mainstay battery technology .

This is really a game changer because it implies you could spend more time on your gadget without having to worry about battery life. Lets hope this next generation smartphone and tablet PC battery technology will open a myriad of new applications and change the landscape of Internet marketing.

The longer a battery operates with one single recharge the better customer user experience attained. Battery performance is critical.

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