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Browser Compatibility

Posted on : 11-02-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing


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One thing that is often overlook by most web owners and web developers is that of ensuring their website look good across variety types of browsers. Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) has largest market share in terms of sheer number of volume of users. It is not surprising for website developers to focus mainly on MSIE.

Different browser render websites using different engine thus what works visually well on one type of browser may not work well on another different browser. It is quite common for web scripts to work well with for instance Mozilla FireFox but run very slowly or even crashed in MSIE. The position of the widgets, colors and size may seem displaced and in some circumstances the content completely inaccessible by the browser.

It is difficult and time consuming to develop a website that works well for all different types of browsers. Web master and developers should strive to ensure that the website works on the more popular browsers such as MSIE, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

At the very least, you need to ensure your website’s critical functionality such as ability to navigate and contents are accessible by readers and visitors to your sites. You also need to pay attention to visual rendering on different browsers to make sure it scales accordingly.

How should one address browser compatibility problem? You could engage third party web browser test expert services to check out your website on different browsers. You can also upload your website URL to http://browsershots.org/ and wait for it to generate a thumbnail snapshot of how your website look on different browsers.

One of the best way to deal with cross browser compatibility problem is by keeping the web pages simple and clean without resorting to using complicated scripts which relies on proprietary technology. Some times it is difficult to restrict your web-page to basic HTML syntax but whatever it is try to avoid using proprietary or vendor browser unique features.

In summary, you can’t predict what sort of browser your potential leads, customers or affiliates going to use to access your website. Traffic volume to your website may be impacted if it crash or it does not render properly on the major browsers.

It pays to keep this factor at the back of your mind even as you are attracted to implement more fanciful, dynamic and interactive web pages to your shopping cart. Last but not least, a simple clean squeeze page is powerful enough to make customer purchase your product or service or potential leads to sign up to your newsletter.

You don’t need to make your site visually stunning to increase your online business profits and in the process of doing so cause more browser compatibility issue.

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