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Build Your Brand And Loyal Customer With Social Networks

Posted on : 25-05-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Social networks such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are powerful marketing  services you can and should leverage on  to establish your business brand and to build loyal customers. It is now more important  than ever to use social media platform as the means to communicate , establish credibility and build long term relationship with existing as well as to reach out to new customers.

Fast Track To Publicity & Fame
How useful are the online community sharing sites?  Well, did you know there are some who gained fame overnight  or become instant celebrity simply by uploading interesting video onto YouTube?  Job hunting and staff recruitment using Twitter is increasingly popular, effective and free. You can tweet about job search, CV, resume and almost anything to promote your products or your company brand.

Don’t Hard Sell
Forget about hard selling, it is no longer a practical sales pitch tactic because customer hate to be sold or push into making buying decision. It is worth to note that customers are getting increasingly apprehensive about what’s being promoted on the Internet nowadays, this is due to growing rampant scams reported daily.

Don’t expect people to whip out their credit card on the first visit unless the product or service  is of reputable brand, highly in demand or otherwise unless the customer has a good relationship with the merchant or the business owner.

Build Long Term Relationship
Focus your time and efforts on building valuable long term relationship with your customers. Provide opportunity for the customer to engage and establish two way communication. Provide great after sales service and let them you want them to be your satisfied repeated customer.

Customer retention will not only allows you to help sustain your business, it also has the viral effect in the sense that happy buyers will recommend the product to others and help to promote your brand instead.

Build Credibility
Be proactive, sign up and join relevant  online communities pertaining to your area of interest or niche markets.  Actively participate , interact and contribute to as much as you can. Avoid any pushy sales pitch in the early discussions,  focus instead in becoming a member where others will look up to for advice and be seen as credible and authoritative.

Keep in touch with all customers using this medium. Provide regular useful tips, giveaways, sales offers, quality content such as video, audio and articles.  Ask your customer for feedback and ideas on how to improve the product or service.  Show appreciation for the business and thank them for helping to promote your brand.

Avoid Spamming
People will ignore you or worst still you might get your account ban if all  that you do is just to promote your business and nothing else. You can use black hat techniques ,spam and all sorts of  underground tactics to build backlinks or generate traffic to your website but such methods cannot help you to establish brand and loyal customer. People buy from whom they trust.

Product Recommendation & Rating
Feedback, surveys,votes and review of products and services gathered from social community sites  are important because to certain extend these factors  influence buyer’s decision .  More and more people relies on customer inputs such as  the product recommendations, rating or user experience  to make decision on which product to buy.  For instance, most products  in Amazon has customer reviews and ratings.

Social Signals And SEO
Google is currently studying the impact of social signals in regards to search engine optimization (SEO) and page ranking.   What are social signals? In a nut shell these are votes from users when they press the ‘Like’  in Facebook, Google+, Twitter and etc.

Essentially Google wants to take user rating and feedback through such social networks to fine tune and improve search engine results. In other words, you can leverage on the power of online social interactions to enhance your website SEO.

Customer Retention
Social media marketing  offers ample opportunity for home based online business to compete against giant corporations at level playing field.  One can use this strategy  to reach out, engage interactively and to serve as well as to retain ever increasing and growing customer base. ( Think about the hundred of millions of people who has Facebook account which you can reach out to promote your brand  )

Improving your online business is not as difficult as it seems. There are many ways to retain customers, for a start  choose one or two strategies that you are comfortable with and follow through it. Be consistent in what you do for instance, provide good information, interact and respond to customer queries in timely manner.

It might look challenging and difficult to gauge the return of investment in regards to social media marketing. Some of the benefits are not really tangible in the sense that you can’t really quantify in terms of dollars in profit. Rest assure using social network helps you to acquire  better customer relationships, reputation management, raising brand awareness and increasing relevant visitor traffics.

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