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How To Build An Effective Squeeze Page – 6 Powerful Tips

Posted on : 16-04-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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What Is A Squeeze Page?
A squeeze page also known as a lead or splash page contains an opt-in form and provides the opportunity for your contacts to touch base with you, evaluate what you are offering and make the decision to become an active subscriber of your list.  The goal of the lead page is just one, to convince the visitor to give you their name and email address.

Squeeze Page

A sample squeeze page (Do note that you should include a picture or a photo to make it more interesting and eye catchy)

 The Money Is In The List
You may have heard of the catch phrase ‘the money is in the list’.  Essentially what it means is that you must have a customer base, subscribers or list that you can promote your products over and over again. It is very difficult for you to succeed online if you don’t have a list.  Online business is all about customer relationship.

People buy from whom they trust and good relationship takes times to forge. You can establish credibility and win the confidence of your customers if you have a contact list to communicate through newsletters or marketing emails. As the saying goes, it takes at least seven times to convince someone to buy something from you.

There are many ways to build a list and in this post I will touch upon one of the most powerful strategy namely a squeeze page. You will discover 6 essential tips to build an effective squeeze page. Before we get to that it is important to understand the fundamental of list building.

List Building – The Basics
List building is process of connecting with your target audience by offering them high quality information in exchange for their subscription and in affiliate marketing context, a laser targeted, responsive email list will be the key element to your success.

List building helps faciliate the process of converting subscribers into active customers, since once your prospect has been added to your mailing list, you are able to develop a relationship with them, that will encourage sales as well as repeat sales (which will make up the larger majority of your email marketing income)

 Six Essential Tips To Build A Killer Squeeze Page

  • Keep your squeeze page “simple and clean”. Regardless of the size of the monitor, an Internet user should not have to scroll in order to view the whole squeeze page. Studies has shown that the need to scroll to view the entire squeeze page content will have negative impact on the number of subscribers as most people are put off by the need to scroll.
  • Some people mistakenly assume that the more impressive and fanciful looking squeeze pages they have, the more they could garner subscribers. On the contrary, basic squeeze pages are known to perform better in most market areas and niches. An expensive snazzy looking squeeze page might come across to most visitors as if the item promoted is going to be really expensive to purchase so they become more apprehensive to sign up or they don’t bother to subscribe to it. In short, simple squeeze page is known to be more effective.
  • Embed an image of the gift you are offering and make sure it is of high quality.  A nice looking  image helps to make your offer more enticing and makes you look professional. Don’t short change yourself by creating your own image using one of the many low standard cheap e-cover design packages.  The results almost always look poor and as a result people will think you’re just offering freebie junk.
  • If you cannot afford to have an image created professionally, consider using a suitable photo instead. A professional looking photo is generally much better than a DIY e-cover.  Don’t ever copy photos or images off other people’s websites (or from Google’s image search, which just searches websites) no matter how tempting it might be. If you do use unlicensed images, instead of downloading from stock photo sites, you may be violating copyright and get into serious trouble.
  • Make it a point to adjust the image or photo to a suitable size. Use your own judgment depending on the size of your page, but 150 to 200 pixels is generally a good size. Some people use a big image and then use the “width=” and “height=” to make the browser shrink the image. This is a mistake as it slows down your page loading time – and the result usually looks blurred.
  • Test different headlines and text on your squeeze page to see if you can improve the sign up rate. The headline is especially important. The best way to test is to use split testing software, but you can just try different headlines for a few days each and monitor the number of subscribers you get each day (if possible add a page counter to your squeeze page so you can see how many visitors visit each day and then determine what percentage of visitors opt in for each headline).

Free Sample Lead Page Templates

You don’t need any complicated software to design a good opt-in page. All you need is a good HTML template which you can edit using program such as  Kompozer or any other free tools. Some good templates can improve the opt-in and subscription rate tremendously . I have some good samples that you can used to modify according to your needs.  Simply sign up to grab a copy of it .

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