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Buying Internet Markeing Products – Avoid These Mistakes

Posted on : 02-10-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing


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Recently there are many new Internet Marketing products being introduced into the market.  Some of these products have outrageous claims such as ability to reap in profits amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars with just a single push button.

Sometimes I wonder if these so called Internet Marketing Guru’s thinks everyone is dumb or what?  It gives me the creep when I read some of the ridiculous testimonies and claims by these people who promote such products.

Despite the ICAN regulations on proof of testimonies and product claims , there are still plenty of unethical people who’s aim is just to get as much money from you.It is always the same kind of story.

For instance, here is this guy who used to work as a janitor, a bell boy, a bankrupt, a former drug addicts and so forth and where suddenly they discover the secret to making lots of money through some online business strategies and from there forth they are living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Aspiring online business newbie could easily get swayed and influence to purchase such products, only to become disappointed and realized that it is not working the way it is advertised. Even though some of the crap products are back up by iron clad 60 days no question ask refund policy, getting your money back involves much more hassle than you think.

Of course not all automated single push button Internet Marketing (IM) products are bunch of craps. There are indeed some which are so powerful that it is life changing and could increase your online business bottom line by double or even triple folds. One of these powerful products that you should invest into is Autoblog Samurai.

I have purchased for Autoblog Samurai and completely satisfied with all the great features along with benefits. As matter of fact, the best products are those which under commits but over deliver. There are so many benefits not listed in the sales copy of this product and you will be amazed how it opens up new opportunities for you to increase your online income.

Okay, back to where I was, sometimes it is important to note that what work for others might not work for you though.  The effectiveness of the product or service depends on the niche market that you are dealing with and how you approach to solve a problem with the product/service.

A person who is promoting say dog toys may see his online affiliate income increased through implementation of product A or service A while it could amount to zero profit for another guy who is trying to promote say knitting.

Internet marketing product developers knows we live in an instant gratification world. We want to instant results and we want results from the least amount efforts.  The catch phrase is effortless single push button solution that is attention and mind grabbing!.

The main benefits that attract users are Internet marketing automation tools that results in time saving to get something done. This result in improves productivity and efficiency. The ultimate goal is providing a solution that offers the user more time to focus on other more important aspect of online business or even to spend more quality time with your loved ones.

Don’t get influence by all the hypes, blow and whistles that comes along with new product marketing campaigns.  Many of these sales copy letters are written by professionals copywriters and if you are not careful you may get emotionally charge up and before you realized it, you have spend a fortune on unnecessary products.

Never judge a product by its pricing.  An expensive product may not be better than alternative cheaper solutions. Similarly, don’t base your decision solely on how cheap or inexpensive it is.

You need to be due diligent when it comes to investing your hard earn money.  The key thing to remember is what problems or challenges the product will addressed and how it it it will compliment the products you already have or what you plan to do in the future.

Do not focus solely on the product itself but rather what kind of service the sales provider  is able to provide (after sales service). Most seller overlook the fact that it is the customer service that makes the whole lot of difference and there are many irresponsible sellers that just hit and run when you purchased the product.

Don’t be influence by the scarcity factor which sales promoters are very good at. You will no doubt time and again come across promotion events whereby a product price is schedule to increase after a certain period of time since the product is officially launched.

Amidst all the excitement associated with automation software products and tools, there are many hidden loopholes that many people aren’t unaware of.  Here I outlined briefly some of the challenges and questions that you need consider before you invest and purchase any software automation tools.

1) What are the main benefits of the software?
2) Are there any equivalent free products/services in the Internet and if so how different are these free products/services compare to the one you intend to purchase
3) Any recurrent monthly fees associated with the product
4) Check out this product reviews, positive as well as negative feedback if any.
5) Any credible Internet Marketing Guru’s promoting this product
6) Internet marketing business model most suited for this product/service and if it is align to your niche market product.
7) How fast can you get up to speed with comfortably using the product?
8) What is the refund policy and duration of trial period?
9) What are the type of extra bonuses which affiliate marketers willing to go to the extend to promote this product.
10) How often do you intend to use this product/service, everyday, once a week or once a month?
11) What impact if any to your current online business bottom line without this product.
12) Quality of customer support (help-desk) should you run into problem with the product
13) Restrictions if any to the number of computers that you may install the product (in particular if it is a software tool).
14) Web technology progressed at break neck speed.  Software product that works today may not function properly couple of months down the road. Thus it is very important that you determine if the product is upgradeable and cost associated with the upgrades if any.

As the saying goes, sometime the best course of action to take is that of not to take any actions at all. I have come across situations whereby a product that is sold for U$97/- becomes a free added bonus package for another upcoming product barely few months after it was launched.

Last but not least, it is worth to point out that most of these products shows you what to do and when to do it. Rarely does any of these products explains how to do it nor why you need to do the way being told.  In summary, would you rather that someone give you the fish or have someone teach you how to fish?

Getting the state of the art automated Internet marketing tools is only as good as you can get provided you make full use of it. Otherwise it is just a fish that after you consume it you are done with and you need to wait for the next fish (next product so to speak).

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