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How To Beat Procrastination – Easier Than You Think

Posted on : 17-05-2013 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, personal development

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I  often felt guilty at times.  I knew I had to get the article written for submission and complete the niche marketing research over the weekend. When the expected day arrived, for some reason I decided to put it off, postpone it to the next weekend.

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Merry Christmas 2012 – Moment Of Reflection

Posted on : 24-12-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life

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Merry Christmas And Moment And Reflection
Time sure pass quickly. Oh my gosh, it is just less than a week for us to bid farewell and welcome a New Year. Thank goodness, the doomsday end of the world event on 21st December that many prophesied based on the Mayan calendar did not come to pass.

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How To Achieve Success – In The Face Of Defeat

Posted on : 05-12-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, personal development


Time sure pass quickly.  It is less than a month away  for us to bid farewell to year 2012 and welcome  the new year 2013. I guess for some people it is time to do some soul searching in regards to how well they fair in regards to their personal quality life and online business where applicable.

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Mental Block- How To Write A Blog Post When Your Mind Is Blank

Posted on : 12-02-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, personal development

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Okay, here I am sitting in my study room staring at the computer monitor screen not knowing what to write. I guess I am suffering from mental block because my mind is blank!  It seems  that as of  late, it is taking me longer and far in between to update my blog.  I am not sure why, well perhaps it might be due to other distractions that gets the better of me.

Resistance to writing or writers block is a common phenomena that besets many writers and bloggers. You can overcome mental block with various techniques. Writing is fun if you enjoy doing so, what if you suffer from mental block and you just can’t seem able to formulate your thoughts no matter how hard you try? I am sure even the best gifted writer and blogger encounter such problem one way or another.

mental block - how to overcome it so that you can write consistently

My mind just seems to wonder off easily, as if into twilight zone for no apparent reason. I guess one of the reasons was that I don’t sleep well lately.  I used to sleep at six hours every day but of recent  it seems that even after past midnight I am still wide awake in bed!.  No doubt adequate quality sleep is extremely important, lacking of which might cause a person to become lethargic and unable to focus on work during the day.

If you want to shorten your life or kaput early then by all means continue to deprive yourself of quality sleep.  Have you heard of that catch phrase ‘a  sleep deprived man is an angry man ?  Oh ,yes, I guess it is quite true because your whole body, particularly your hormone go off balance, blood pressure rise and you will have harder time to control your mood and temper when your body is not given adequate time to recharge.

This reminds me of a church pastor who behave just exactly that way. Even though he’s been serving in the ministry for decades, his mood swing is so obvious. One day, he told us that he gets agitated very quickly when he don’t sleep well the night before the Sunday sermon. I guess he must a lucky lot because he get cranky once in a blue moon which indirectly implies he sleep well most of the time!.

Okay, what else I wish to rant? Aha, there are some blogger who believed in the notion that one should not write any post for the sake of writing. In other words, no post is better than a lousy irrelevant post. I am not quite sure if I agree with that remark though.

I don’t see any harm in letting our mind to run freely and write anything that’s not relevant to the blog niche so long as you keep that to a minimum. After all, a blog is just that, a weblog where you pen your thoughts and sometime it is good to write something about facts of life and be a little crazy so to speak.

Some blogger think they can get away with mental block situation by deploying ‘autoblogging’ technique!  That’s a topic to for another time to discuss but I guess so long as you don’t plagiarize, steal content or even spin articles which then ends up with gibberish illogical grammar sentences it should be fine.

Come to think of it, it’s really kind of funny and weird because I used to hate writing, particularly during my school days. Fast forward thirty years later, here I am writing even though there is no teacher who will look over my shoulder to correct me or to reprimand me for being a lousy writer. It just comes naturally as one starts to build up the habit and interest to do so.

Someone once ask me why I choose to be blogger, what benefit do I get out from it (I told that chap I don’t earn much through blogging)  and if there will come a day I will quit all together and do something else more meaningful and enjoyable.  The fact of the matter is that I do enjoy blogging.

There is no hard fast rule on how to overcome writer’s block. You have to figure out the best approach to relax and free your mind from stress and distractions.  I usually make it a point to take a stroll in the evening,  watch a movie, read the newspaper or even take a nice shower and stay away from blogging at least till the next day.

Sometime the best ideas comes into your mind when you least you expect it.  Always make it a point write down what inspires you, preferably bring along with you a scratchpad and a pen wherever you are on the move (note: you can make use of smart mobile phone diary application to write down your thoughts and ideas whenever you are on the go ).

You just need to figure out what works best for you and then stick to that routine to refresh and rejuvenate your mind before you write. That’s so much so for today, just remember no one is born a gifted writer. You have to write as much as you can and in time to come,  your copy writing skills will improve before you even realize it!









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Adversity In Life – Stop Finding Excuses

Posted on : 28-01-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, personal development

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Why me, why me? I am sure many of us ask this question one way or another in our struggle with adversity in life. After all, the life we live on this blue planet is full of surprises, it is a challenge to cope with events that affects us, situations that we do not anticipate and which we have no total control of. It is easy for us to find excuses and put the blame on others for our predicaments.

Life is never a bunch of roses so to speak.  It is through hardship and adversity that we continue to grow, improve and enhance mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Struggle is part of living , no risk no gain, no pain no glory so to speak. I know that such saying might be out of touch for some people however the time will come that each and everyone will have to deal with crisis one way or another.

After all, it is more of some sort of natural reflex for us to find the path of least resistance to deal with difficulties confronting us. Indulging in self pity is one of them. We lament that we are not rich because we are not born with a silver spoon in our mouth. It is easier to explain why things go wrong  by directing the cause and effect away from us rather then to accept the fact that we are part of the problem and we can make a difference by taking responsibility for it.

We think other are better than us because they have higher IQ and intellectual ability to climb the rope of success. We resign to so-called fate or destiny and blame all our woes on karma. No amount of self improvement and personal development books that we read will make any difference so long as we are not willing to flip the switch in our mind to the ‘I can’ mentality.

Did you know that regardless of circumstances in life, you can make a difference and improve your lot and achieve all desires by having the right mindset? Sometimes, the greatest lesson and enlightenment comes not through what the personal development Guru says but through real life experiences and examples.

I stumble across this You-tube video about a physically challenge man who live life the fullest, the way he wanted it despite severe shortcomings. I find many of such real live events really inspiring. After all, we live only this once, and we should spend each moment to the best of what we can be and not want we think we could’ve become.

You don’t have to be angry with yourself, you certainly don’t have to be angry with others and makes life more complicated than it is when things go wrong.  Life as we know is transient, it is what we make it out to be and by the way, it is not how long you live that matters but rather how you live your life.

Stop finding excuses,  take responsibility when things don’t turn out the way you expect and chart your own course in life. Don’t wait for others to tell you what to do. As the saying goes, failure to plan is planning to fail. If you don’t make decisions, others will make on behalf of you and chances are that you will not like the outcome of such decisions made by others.

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Getting Americans Back To Work

Posted on : 13-09-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, Internet_Marketing

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I am quite impressed with US President Obama’s speech which he addressed to the US congress on the proposed Job’s Act. The Bill Act that Obama seeks Congress to approve right away pertains to tax cuts and money estimated amounting up to US$447 billion dollars, mostly to put unemployed Americans back work.

President Obama is truly a gifted speaker indeed. His stern yet seemingly calm expression is quite commendable. The message he conveyed pertaining to the urgency to help those in desperate need of financial support will no doubt goes down well and touch the life of those who live from pay check to pay check or on day by day basis.

I was not able to watch the entire live television broadcast of the speech because I had to leave house for work. On the way to the office I can’t help but wonder if President Obama’s Job Act is going to solve the nation jobless woes.

At the heart of the whole economic and financial crisis that beset the world superpower, creating new jobs seems like the most logical plan and sensible urgent task to focus on. The bigger question though is if the proposed Bill a long term and sustainable plan given the ever changing political and economical landscape that affect not just the United States but also the rest of the world as well.

Republicans and Democrats are still very much at loggerheads and at odds with what the best solution to address the nation’s soaring debt and increase unemployment rate should be. President Obama strongly believe that the wealthiest citizens of the nation and large US corporations should do their part to contribute more to help the middle and the lower class income wage earners.

Well, I am not so sure if I agree a hundred percent with Obama’s proposed increase tax rate for the wealthy class in order to help subsidize the middle and lower income group. After all, some of these so called well to do high income group earners were also once struggling much like the lower and middle income class long before they achieve success. Many of these high achievers did it with no assistance from the government.

Most of those who achieved tremendous success in life work hard to achieve their goals and aspirations. Money don’t simply fall from the sky so to speak. Yes, no doubt there are quite a few who acquire their wealth through unscrupulous and unethical means but for the greater majority, it is their right mindset, persistent and focused efforts that get them where they are.

The Republican viewed President Obama’s ‘ national wealth distribution policy as that of robbing the rich to feed the poor, some sort like Robin Hood story, a socialist propaganda and an excuse to shift the goal post from his failed administration economic policy to that of pointing the finger at the wealthy rich class not doing their part to help the poor.

Creating jobs to alleviate the unemployment situation is the right to do. Providing the right conducive environment for people to venture and create new businesses is even more important. As the saying goes; ‘Give a man a fish and he live for a day, teach the man how to catch a fish and he will earn his live-hood.

For those who were being put out of work due to company restructuring or downsizing, getting a job is a priority but it is also important to look at the big picture, to consider and strive towards having multiple streams of income regardless if you have a full time job or not.

It is very risky to put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. If you earn your income from pay check to pay check then you really ought to consider alternative source of income so as to compliment the job that you have.

Having multiple streams of income is more than just a backup plan. Having alternative source of income can make a difference between struggling to feed your family versus living and providing a comfortable financially secured environment for your loved ones in today’s economic and financial uncertainties. You don’t have to panic if you lose your main job simply because you have sideline income to cushion the impact of the lost of your 9 to 5 job.

One of the best ways to generate multiple source of income is through Internet marketing. You can practically establish a profitable online business even if you are really broke or living on shoe string budget. The barrier entry to start an online business is practically almost zero.

It is quite interesting to note that many unemployed people are struggling to look for jobs while there are those who quit their full time well paid job to focus on their home based online business! There lies the difference between those who choose their own destiny versus those who sit on the fence to wait for government assistance.

We live in an era of unprecedented global economic and financial uncertainty. Unless your father or you own the company that you work for, you can forget about life time career or life time employment. Nobody is indispensable in any organization.

Change of management and reorganization in any company may result in you having to report to a nasty boss or someone that you simply cannot work with. All your past efforts and contributions to the company are wasted when you are reassign to report to a new boss who may or may not value your talents and capabilities.

You can lose your job for a variety of reasons, not just due to company downsizing and restructuring. Why wait to be told to get out from the company? As the saying goes, failure to plan is to plan to fail. Don’t procrastinate and take for granted that your job is secure.

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Content Creation – Article Writing

Posted on : 07-06-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, Free Downloads & Resources, Internet_Marketing

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A business website without good quality content is not likely to make any profit. Just imagine a shopping mall with very few variety or no goods at all. Would you buy anything from such a store?

After all, most people are attracted to websites with relevant updated information. Content is king so to speak. If you want to increase traffic to your site or gather more leads (list building to establish more customers that you can touch base with) you have to offer good content. Search engines are attracted to sites with good original (non duplicate) content.

There are many ways to create content for your website. You can outsource content creation such as article writing to third parties (for e.g. elance.com and etc.) Outsourcing content creation for your business website is a smart move as it allows you to focus on other more important aspect of the business.

However, outsourcing article writing is a wise investment move only provided money is not a problem. However for those who are new on Internet marketing and working on shoe string budget, content creation often involves long tedious hours of research, fact finding and then the efforts to put together all those pieces of information you have gathered into easy to read publish content.

The Challenge With Article Writing
Article writing puts off many people because they are not good at it or due to language barrier and etc. There is no doubt that you need to have a good command of the language in order write fluently and convincingly. That does not mean you have to be a language expert or a professional writer to produce article for your post.

Article marketing (as well as article writing for that matter) is not the same as writing an essay for your school’s English composition. Forget about what you have been taught on how to write a good composition. Article writing is more about communicating your thoughts and ideas in a free flow manner to a friend in the 1st person perspective.

Write with passion and take time to reflect on words and phrases used. Ideally you want to use words and phrases that descriptive, short and straight to the point. Do not worry about keywords at this point of time. Use simple grammar and focus on at most 2 or less key points that you wish the reader to ponder upon.

Research Phase:
There is always the research phase that you ought to spend some time to research and gather information pertaining to the topic of your article. DO not skip this step. Make use of Google search engine to locate websites, forums, article directories and blogs with relevant topics. Determine what questions, issues and area of interest that people are discussing in the Internet.

Use the facts and data you gathered as the baseline for you to jump-start your article writing process. The hardest part of any article writing process is not the writing itself but rather the time taken to organize your thoughts on how to consolidate the ideas and key-points you have identified during the research process

Try To Produce Original Article – Avoid Article Rewriting Or Spinning If Possible
Remember that writing an article for the sake of publishing the article defeats the whole purpose of article marketing. You want to produce an article that draws the attention of the reader, article that triggers the emotion hot button of the reader making them to thirst for more information through your website.

This brings me to another point on why I think you should never rely on PLR articles because many of these PLR products are of either low quality or that there are just simply too many duplicate of it out there in the Internet. I am not the type who advocate the spinning of article or rewriting of articles based on original seed article created by others and not your own.

Article Writing Tools
There are tools that facilitate and speed up content creation ideas, in particular with regards to article writing. One such free software tool that I have used to satisfaction is Article Assistant. It originally sells for close to a hundred dollars and it was kind of generous for some of the Internet marketers to offer it completely free of charge to their members and readers. You can download a free copy of the Article Assistant here.

Article Assistant is a not a software to create, spin or rewrite article, rather it is a tool that helps you to locate articles from various sources such as Ezine and articles directories, blogs and web sites based on the keywords of your choice. You can bookmark articles of interest, download or open the links. Use it to jump start topic and information research.

There is no short cut to acquire good writing skills. The more frequent you write the more experience and fluent you will be in creating good quality article for your posts.  Remember that it is not about you, it is about what the reader feels and thus your main focus is to write something that connects to the reader.

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Free Logo Maker

Posted on : 31-05-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, Free Downloads & Resources, Health&Wellness, Internet_Marketing, Tools

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Well, it is certainly true with regards to Internet Marketing tools. One of the main advantage with starting online business is that the start up capital cost and the entry barrier is very low. You don’t need to invest a lot of money to start making money. Like any brick and mortar business, branding is very important and as such having a nice logo display in your website is very important.

A nice sketchy and interesting logo attracts and helps people to remember your website. You can outsource your logo creation if you want a really professional looking one. This may not be viable choice for those who are cash strapped. Fret not, there are many free logo designing tools in the Internet. Most of these online free logo creator tools are very easy to use. You can easily create a professional looking logo in no time at all. A list of free online logo makers are listed below. You can create a reasonable nice looking logo with these free tools.

Some of the best things in life are free. Don’t believe it? Well, do try out any one of these tools below, I have to admit I have not try out some of those listed. You might just find one or two that does exactly what you need. Remember that first impression counts, so it pays to focus a little bit more efforts to create a nice looking logo for your business.


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Failure To Plan Is Planning To Fail

Posted on : 08-05-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, Internet_Marketing

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Failure to plan is to plan to fail. The Singapore’s Workers Party plan their strategy meticulously and executed their election campaigns well and they reap the tremendous rewards for their hard work. Likewise, in all things in life, if you do not plan for yourself, do not expect others to do so for you!

A lot of Singaporeans stay put till the early morning hours to catch the latest breaking news of the Singapore GE 2011 results via the Internet at the comfort of home. It’s a real contrast compare to the good old days where people gathered at the vote counting centers to wait for the announcement of the election results.

Well as usual the People’s Action Party retains the majority seats in the parliament. Thanks to the revolution in social media communication the main opposition party namely the Workers Party abbreviated WP was able to reach out to voters and in one way another turn the tide to contest and win a PAP stronghold constituency.

WP has made Singapore political history by winning the group representative constituency aka GRC seats of Aljunied. The rest of the opposition parties have also made considerable political inroad and progress in this contest even though they did not win any seats.

It would be another five years before the next GE and well in the mean time life move on as usual. Both the main ruling party and the opposition parties has a lot of soul searching to do with regards to how to win the hearts and minds of the voters for the next upcoming general election.

One of the biggest topics hotly debated during this election campaign was with regards to jobs and live hood of the citizens. Job competitions involving foreigners is a key emotional topic. Manufacturing industries are relocating elsewhere and will continue to do so. In fact I foresee company downsizing and relocation activities to accelerate.

Besides competition with foreign talents, age is another major factor. Most companies prefer to hire younger instead of older aging workers. We wouldn’t want to end up competing with younger less experience candidates but what choice do the older generations such as me have?

The start reality though is that unless we start to plan about our future, we are in for trouble. No government in the world is able to assists each and every one of its citizens. There are bound for some less fortunate and less prepared people to fall through the cracks unless we plan we may become on those hapless statistics.

Failure to plan is to plan to fail so to speak. Instead of waiting for the inevitable to happen, I guess I am better of exploring other opportunities, in particular Internet Marketing and online business.

There are plenty of opportunities to make money online. It makes me wonder why there are many well educated people who struggle for months and even years to feed their loved ones when they got retrench simply because they could not find another job that pays them like past jobs they had.

This is employer’s world. There are more supplies than demand so to speak. You don’t need to continue to live the rat race life. When you discover and master the blue print of online business success you wouldn’t give a second though of going back to work for other.

After all, why get a JOB (just over broke) and end up being too busy to make a living instead of building a financial retirement nest? Unless you belong to the top earners holding very high positions in organizations you work for, chances are that you are too busy working like a slave to make these bosses rich!

Home based business involving Internet marketing or any online business for that matter is very achievable and can reap much benefits and rewards. The start up capital requirement to do so is extremely affordable.

You can surely succeed in online business world if you have the right mindset, the tenacity and the will to succeed. Last but not least, you have to take actions and responsibilities to realize your dreams.

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The Power Of Social Media – Singapore General Election 2011

Posted on : 07-05-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, Internet_Marketing

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Today is an important day for all Singaporeans as the nation goes to the poll to vote their next government. The current ruling party for past 50 years (namely the People’s Action Party ) better known as PAP is expected to continue to dominate and form the majority in the parliament. Nevertheless, it is also a historical moment where in the first time in the politic history of Singapore the opposition parties has fielded and contested almost all the seats.

The opposition parties have come to be of mature and of age over the years and the credentials and background of many of the opposition candidates are rather impressive. Beyond the rhetorical debates, campaigns and manifesto speeches, it is becoming quite clear that social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are powerful communication media were used to great effect and impact to reach out to the mass population.

The future political landscape of any country in this world inclusive of Singapore is no longer predictable as a result of the Internet revolution. Government can control censorship of conventional media such as newspapers, radio broadcast, TV broadcast, tabloids; magazines and even public rally speeches but not cyber social networking sites.

Come to think of it, election campaigns involving online social media networking are a form of Internet marketing technique at it’s best. You can reach out to the voters in almost real time. Blogging allows the political election candidates to communicate with voters and reach out to them to gather feedbacks and to adjust their next campaign speeches in almost real time so to speak.

As I write this blog post, the GE (General Election) is completed and wrap out so to speak. The votes from respective voting centers have been dispatched to counting centers and by midnight the results of the various contested constituencies and wards will be broadcast live through TV, radio and the Internet.

Regardless of the outcome of this General Election, my hope and aspiration for this nation is that the country will continue to prosper and that the ruling government together with the rest of the opposition candidates that make it into the parliament work together to make Singapore a better place.

Come to think of it who knows, perhaps five years from now the next upcoming General Election will be fight through not just social networking sites running on PC and notebooks but perhaps in the area of mobile communication media arena as well.

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