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Is Article Marketing Dead?

Posted on : 20-08-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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One of the most important factor that determines the number of targeted visitors to your website is of course the amount of useful, relevant and interesting information you post in your website. When it comes to online publicity content is king so to speak. Who would bother to waste time to look at a website devoid of any interesting information?

There is no reason why you cannot increase targeted traffic to your website so as to build up a good responsive subscriber list that you can easily convert into buying customers. There are many ways to promote your sites. Social network marketing is the in-thing and popular medium to reach out to visitors and customers. Some claim that the old technique involving article marketing is dead. Is it truly obsolete?

Nevertheless, you should not rule out article marketing. Article marketing is still one of the proven time tested winning strategy to gather targeted traffic to your site. Most article directories allows you to include links back to your website through the so-called article author ‘byline’ or the author biography.

Most article directories allows you to include links back to your website through the so-called article author ‘byline’ or the author biography. By syndicating your contents for others to publish and post (with the condition that the article must include the link back to your website) you increase and improve the opportunities for others to link back to your site.

The increase in back links, particularly from authoritative sites or sites with similar niche market of yours will greatly enhance and improve your site page ranking. You have a winning formula to put your websites at top ranking of Google’s search engine result page if you can consistently provide timely fresh useful information which the reader can apply to address their problems or needs.

The ability to provide consistent fresh content in conjunction with good niche product marketing and keyword research puts you in very good position to succeed.Staying ahead of the competition is not really not difficult so long as you are able generate quality back links to your website and one of the best ways to do is via article marketing.

Creating useful content for your website should always be a major focus and part of your Internet marketing campaign. There are many articles that seems more like sales pitch and lacking in terms of depth and substance. Take some time to so some research on what you wish to communicate to your readers. Write articles about your niche.

What if you are not a good writer? There are many good freelance writers out there who can do it for a small fee. Not all ghost writers and freelance writers able to write good articles that are search engine friendly (with good keywords). So when in doubt, check out the profile of these writers and ask for sample articles.

Here is the key to article marketing success. Rewrite the articles and post it to various article directories. Rinse and repeat. Do it over and over again for each of your website. You should consider automating the process so that it takes minutes instead of days. Here is a free article writing software which is completely free that you can use to help you with article research. One important thing to take note is that you should only rewrite articles that you hold copyright to change (original article that create or own.)

The major advantage with article marketing is that the articles resides in the article directories for years thus the more articles you submit for syndication (submit to major ezine and article directories ) the more opportunity it is for you to increase backlinks to your site.

In summary, is article marketing dead? Well, it doesn’t seems to be anytime soon or in the distant future given the fact that more and more people are going online to look out or search for information and solutions to problems and needs or access to information that enable them to make well inform decisions.

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RSS Feed Submission Service: What Is It?

Posted on : 14-08-2011 | By : Meagan Gray | In : Internet_Marketing

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Most of the blogs nowadays have RSS feeds setup in them by default. And if you’re an advanced level webmaster and recognize the need for RSS Feeds, it’s likely you have gone through the steps of establishing an RSS Feed for your website also. This post will focus mainly on the principles of RSS and just how it can benefit site owners when it comes to SEO. If you already have RSS feed setup in your site, then that’s great. Nevertheless, just establishing the feed on your site or blog is not adequate if you are looking at SEO benefits. You need to let the word out to the RSS directories and RSS engines about your feed URL so that those engines can pay a visit to your site and crawl your feed that allows effortless syndication of your web site content real fast.

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a tool which has caught on rapidly on the internet due to its convenience, similar to its name. RSS aids website owners to get the latest update and information at their website to get to their visitors and customers straight away and therefore helps the users additionally to get and be in contact with the web site they purchase the service as all sites are updated regularly it saves a webmaster by conserving his time to distribute his each and every post update to the news sites and directories.

RSS resolves one of the main difficulties that many website owners face that is traffic and being in contact with their client.

One of the best reasons to get your RSS feed posted to RSS directories is for getting back links from these RSS directory sites and the large amount of audience your writing will arrive at by means of RSS Feed Submission Service. Bloggers take a look in RSS directories for news to publish some posts on their blogs. Website owners look in RSS directories to add content to their site. Buyers look in RSS directories for avenues to add to their news readers. RSS Feed Submission Service assists as Search engine “spiders” crawl RSS directories to ascertain link popularity.

Getting the RSS feed listed in RSS search engines and RSS directories by RSS Feed Submission Service may establish new ways with which customers or site visitors may discover your web site, services or products. Promoting out your newsletter via RSS may advertise your services and industry news. RSS is a great tool for reaching viral campaign objectives. Comparable to press release syndication, RSS could be indexed by hundreds of locations in a span of a few hours. If the message is distinctive enough, visitors might be tremendous. RSS is known as as free promotion.

RSS Feed Submissions are one way linked and they also give immediate link popularity. They are also free of charge! When you link your website with a RSS directory which posesses pr (PR) of 5 or greater, the benefit is huge. You get a lot of links back to your web site. Additionally, it means increased search engine rank along with a greater visitor amount.

For just about anyone who is inquiring to know much more about the rss submission service, a rising business process outsourcing sector which can most positively help jump start your company and help you to avoid wasting income, then logon to virtual assistants . You are going to love it!

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24 Hours Salesman – Marketing Blog

Posted on : 13-08-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Can anyone earn a comfortable living through blogging? Is it possible to establish a 24 hour salesman with almost zero operating cost? The answer is certainly a ‘yes’. It is established facts that there are many people who struggle with blogging; over 90% of bloggers hardly earn a single dime but on the other hand when done correctly not only can it enable anyone to earn a profitable income moreover one can build a sustaining profitable business for online as well as offline products and services.

Still doubtful if you can make any money from a blog? Well, do check out this interesting local news of a Singapore diva who makes well over 45K a month through her blogshop. The interesting thing about this lady is that she leverage on the power of blog to promote physical products. Now imagine the opportunity to promote digital information product such as audio, video, software, ebook and etc.

You may wonder what secrets these successful bloggers has that makes them so successful. Well, truth to be told, there are no secrets at all. People buy from whom they trust. Your website or blog must therefore contain and provide information of value to the customer. Be passionate about what you write in your blog.

You must not focus your entire goals solely just on making money online even though it is important. Instead, put your efforts and desire foremost to help others succeed in terms of providing and sharing good information. Zig Ziglar the famous motivational speaker says that you help yourself by helping others first. Good words spreads fast through the Internet, bad reputation and feedback spreads even faster!.

Providing good content is a must but not the only criteria in order to become successful with blogging. Besides good content, you also need to work on promoting and marketing your blog. Getting targeted traffic to your blog is equally important and in that sense, you have to implement the right strategies to attract customers.

What is targeted traffic? Essentially it refers to visitors who are interested in the product or service that you offer or promote in your website. In other words, targeted traffic are visitors that comes to your website not by chance but usually through search engines for the relevant keywords associated with your product or service that you promote.

Targeted traffic is also known as qualified traffic; visitors who knows what they are looking for and who are more responsive and likely to purchase the products that you promote and recommend in your website.

Identify a product or service that is in demand, promote it by driving targeted traffic to your web portal and build a strong relationship with your customer base so that you can continue to sell products to them. Marketing is essential and critical to the success of any business; a marketing blog allows you to do just that, it is a 24 hours salesman and spokesman for your product and service!.

The choice is yours, continue to live the rat race amidst the fear of losing your JOB in today’s global uncertain economic and financial market situation OR to take control of your destiny in building an online business empire.

As the saying goes, he who knows why will have no problem to make a living through online business but he who knows how will have the ability to establish a sustain profitable online business.

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Niche Marketing – Why It Is So Important

Posted on : 31-07-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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It bewilders me that some shops bother to sell humidifier in a hot and humid country such as Singapore. Just think about this for a minute; does it makes no sense to sell ice to the Eskimos. What has these got to do with Internet marketing? A lot more than you think though!

Do you know why many Internet marketers fail to make a single dime online? Chances are that many of them are like those who try to sell ice and water to the Eskimos. It is common sense isn’t it? How would you expect to make money if you do not know what people wants and you try to sell something to someone who don’t need it at all!

Can you imagine what it is like to anyhow rent a shop regardless of location and not knowing what to sell? It sounds pretty silly but that is exactly what many Internet marketers do. They try to promote or sell everything and anything that comes along their way, just absolutely plain ridiculous.

Before you set up a business website you have to figure out what product or service you intend to promote, the type of customer that you are targeting, the demography, estimated demand, popularity, short term versus long term business strategy, and etc.

Niche and market research is very important and it should be your foremost focus for each and every online business campaign that you plan to disembark on. As the saying goes, failure to plan is planning to fail;

Do you know what is the difference between Apple Incorporated versus other less well competitors? Well, Apple create products that sells while others try to sell products that they create. How do you know if your product will sell in the market? It is plain simple, you conduct niche market research of course!.

One thing that it worth to take note is the difference between market research versus niche research? Most of the time you will come across the term niche market research. In a nutshell, a niche is a subset of a market.

For instance, consider the market for aquarium. Within the aquarium market, you can categorize it into sub markets such as salt water versus freshwater aquarium. You can drill down further into more refine sub markets or niches such as freshwater aquarium accessories follow through by filtration system and etc.

Thus to succeed in any online business, you have to position your product/service in the right market where the money is, profitable as well as competitive but not oversaturate. What and how do you go about to perform market and niche research?

For a start you can gather some ideas on what’s selling hot in Amazon, eBay, ClickBank or any other business portals. You can get a lot of information on products and services that are high in demand and popular items for the various markets and niches.

It is also important for you to know how popular or what the demand will be for the niche that you have selected by using Google Trend or Google Insight, both which are free market research tools.

Successful Internet marketing or any online business for that matter is all about niche marketing, finding and promoting the most profitable and high in demand product or service within a targeted sub market that is competitive but not over saturated. The key factor to take note particularly if you are a novice Internet marketer is avoid competing with the big players and the Gurus for products in highly popular markets.

Online business newbie will find it much easier to start off by targeting smaller markets and focus their efforts on dominating smaller niche market. The major benefit of niche marketing is that in most circumstances your competition is significantly reduced, meaning it’s a lot easier to start earning an income from that smaller niche market, and it’s certainly easier to rank higher in the search engines.

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Niche Reaper – Powerful Keyword & Niche Market Research Tool

Posted on : 26-07-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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One of the biggest challenges confronting many novice Internet Marketer is that of getting their website or marketing blog to rank highly by the search engine in terms of search engine result page. There are many factors that you need to consider as far as search engine optimization is concern. One critical factor that you need to not just focus on moreover you also need to ensure implemented correctly is the selection of keywords and niche market.

Before you even consider building a business website you need to first ensure you have done the necessary niche market and keyword research & analysis for the product or service you wish to monetize. You set yourself up for failure if you skip this vital step. There is no short cut and no gimmicks as far as this step is concern. It is all about data, namely on the popularity, competition and market demands. This part of the research and analysis step could seems to be quite a daunting task to perform if you are relatively new to online business.

Niche Reaper is powerful Internet Marketing online tool that will definitely appeal to both novice as well as experienced Internet Marketers. In a nutshell this software takes away all the grueling task of choosing profitable keyword and niche market research efforts from you. You should focus your efforts and time on building a successful online business rather than trying to build and optimize a website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization ).

In summary this software increase your productivity by means of time saving to choose the keywords and niche market. It will also save you lots of money in your business because you don’t need to engage third party to improve your website page ranking . Niche Reaper helps to improve your chances of return on investment (ROI) on each Internet Marketing project considerably.

Note: Check out my review and impression of Niche Reaper at Niche Reaper – At A Glance

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A Cool Social Media Tool – PixelPipe

Posted on : 24-07-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing, Tools

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Here’s a cool social medial tool that you could use to promote your blog or website. PixelPipe is a free online social media tool that you can use to distribute your media content to other social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Buzz and many more. Any service that facilitate distribution of content is good for Internet marketers.

One interesting feature offer by this cool online social media service is that you can publish content for distribution not just from your computer but also through your smart phones. Imagine having the power to post your messages and information to hundreds of social media networking sites via smart phones such as iPhone, Nokia Symbian and etc.

It’s great being able to push the same content into multiple online services, it saves you time and not the least, it is great piece of service that you can use regularly to distribute not just text, but also photos, images and video clips with minimal clicks. PixelPipe service is free service that you can sign up for with no strings attached. If you have use ping.fm that you would be at ease with this new service.

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Successful Blogging – Blog Content Versus Blog Marketing

Posted on : 20-07-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing


You may wonder why your blog is not generating profit despite all the massive efforts and the time you put into posting regular fresh quality content. On the other hand, there are some blogs which don’t seems to have as many regular quality fresh posting as that compare to yours but yet they are making tons of money.

As the saying goes, content is king and no doubt it is very important for you to maintain a good quality blog with fresh contents. What you have not been told though is that content is only part of the equation as far as successful blogging formula is concern. What is more important is that you need to market your website or blog to world to see so that they are aware of your presence.

It’s sad but true, a blog with less content might still be more profitable compare to a blog or website stuffed with good articles and postings. Many bloggers made the mistake of making the assumption that so long as they focus on producing quality contents, they will make money (through whatever means such as Google Adsense, affiliate programs and etc).

Here’s the kicker!. Smart Internet marketers outsource content creation to others while they focus on more important things such as marketing strategy!. Why do successful bloggers and Internet marketers focus on marketing instead of content creation? You might have guess it!. It’s because successful marketing is where the money is.

Think about this for a minute. Do you know why big cosmetic product companies for instance Japan cosmetic product by the name of ‘SKII’ allocate and splurge huge marketing budget for its product advertisements on television air and magazine ads ? The answer is simple, marketing is key and critical to the successful launch of any products. A well marketed product can lead to bigger sales compare to a great product with poor marketing campaigns.

Another way to look at it is this. There are many well known cosmetic brands apart from Japan SKII such as Lancome which is known for it’s innovative quality and effective range of skin care products but yet it is not necessary always true that Lancome will generate more profits compare to SKII for the fact the latter has very strong marketing strategy.

In summary, do not overlook other important aspect of blogging strategies particularly with regards to marketing. A good crafted sales copy letter is equally important if not more so than the blog posting and content. A good marketing campaign can turn what is seemingly an average quality product or service into successful sales.

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How Scanning Is Related To Web Design

Posted on : 08-07-2011 | By : Zac Anderson | In : Internet_Marketing

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There are a lot of elements that make web designing successful. One of the most essential among those is to remember that websites designed to be scanned has a higher possibility of being successful than those that are not. In this article we will explain what is scanning in relation to web pages design.

When visitors come across a certain website, scanning is the first thing that they do. They scan through the pages and look for something that they need, and when they do not find anything they will straightaway hit back and move on.

Since you cannot make people read, as a web designer you are required to know how to help them to scan successfully.

When visitors scan a particular website page, they do it in certain patterns: the “F pattern” or “E pattern”. As a web designer, when you create your site, scan it the way your visitors will, that is in a broad horizontal strokes. The vital part of this technique is to not to read your text. Just scan the pages in a very relax but fast gaze.

Now after performing the above exercise, try to answer these questions:

1. Do the things you have seen give a clear purpose? 2. What is the first thing that has caught your attention?

To assist you achieve your goal of helping your visitors scan your pages successfully here are the points you can follow:

1. Write meaningful section headers. This facilitates visitors to acquire an instant summary of the pages they are scanning. Think of the insights that will be most applicable and important to the user.

2. Put the most important things above the fold. This is one of the most common error designers make. They are using the above fold for fancy images, banners and logos that do not show anything at all about the true purpose of the site.

3. Put related items together. Do not make people hunt for contents. When you are talking about a certain topic make sure to put things in one place.

4. Use contrasting colors. This is one of the ways on how you can tell visitors what is and what is not related on your page.

5. Use different font sizes. Big fonts are usually being used for section headers or for significant keywords that you would like your visitors to remember.

There you go, all the best to your web designing career for now.

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Directory Submission Service And Your Advertising Strategy

Posted on : 03-07-2011 | By : Meagan Gray | In : Internet_Marketing

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What on earth is Directory Submission Service and just how could it help you? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the particular method of increasing the amount or quality of visitors to a web site from search engines via “natural” or un-paid search results rather than search engine marketing (SEM) which deals with paid inclusion.

Typically, the higher a site shows up in the search engine results list, the more website visitors it will obtain from the search engine. Search engine optimization may target different types of lookup, including image search, local search, video search and also industry-specific vertical search engines. This gives a web site web presence.

As an Internet marketing system, SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for. Optimizing a website primarily involves editing its content and HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to particular keywords and to eliminate obstacles towards the indexing actions of search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has started turning submission to directories and articles to its benefit. You could have a great web site, and you may have the latest e-commerce technology as well as the best graphic design work. Now comes the tricky part: how you can push traffic to your site.

An excellent submission service ensures that each manual directory being submitted is relevant to your site. Every directory must be picked depending on pedigree and dependability. Any key search engine which actually catalogues and indexes a directory has to satisfy certain considerations.

Having links to your Website is important if you wish to improve your rank in the various search engines and increase your total traffic. The text of the links to your Web site is the most important portion utilized by the main search engines to rank you for that particular word or key phrase. Directory Submission has been one of the most tried and tested ways of getting your website/business on the market. It involves submitting your internet site to yellow page like web sites so that users browsing those web sites can locate you when they take a look at a certain classification.

This process has worked perfectly for various people and has already been proposed by Google itself right up until not too long ago. It is a proven truth that if you get more links to your Website, your website will ascend in the search engines.

Regrettably, obtaining these types of links is probably just about the most time-consuming aspects of off-page Search engine optimization. Directory Submission Service will help you with the wearisome task of submitting your own internet site.

There are two kinds of submission services offered; automated and manual. An automatic service uses a piece of software to go to the directory and make an effort to submit the site straight into a suitable classification. Often it does not succeed. Additionally , it submits to paid, reciprocal or improper niche sites.

Good directory owners despise these kinds of services and use a wide variety of methods to prevent their successful use. A manual submission service visits each and every web directory and submits your internet site to the most appropriate classification. They often automate their method to make it a lot more efficient but they do the actual submission by going to each site, as you would at home.

Search Engines by no means pay anyone to submit your site to the search engines. It is simply not needed as all the major search engines will discover your site as long as you have links to it.

Directory Submission Service
Directory Submission Service

Should you be curious to learn even more regarding the directory submission service, an up and coming freelancing industry that can without a doubt help quick start your company and help you save cash, then log on to virtual assistant . You will enjoy it!

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Improve Your Blog Traffic With RSS Feed Directories

Posted on : 01-07-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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RSS, which stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’ is a communication means by which many web sites used to keep their readers updated on the availability of new information published and posted on their sites. A feed is a communication channel as well as the medium where information is formatted according to specific format (for e.g. RSS format or Atom ). One of the best ways to promote your website is by submitting your site feed to major online portal such as Yahoo RSS Feed.

A reader can subscribe to a site feed using what is called the RSS reader. There are many different RSS readers which you can use to access a site feed. For instance, try to subscribe to this website feed; you will notice on the upper right hand corner of the feed there is a ‘Subscribe Now’ section that display a number of feed readers which you can use to subscribe to my feed.

Here is a list of RSS feed directories which you can use to promote your site RSS feed: Most of the feed directories are free to use so you have nothing to loose. It may seems rather cumbersome to go through each and submit your feed manually so you may wish to consider investing in a good software utility that automates feed submission.

Feedagg.com,Rssmotron.com, Rss-network.comFeedlisting.com, Feednuts.com, Icerocket.com, Plazoo.com,Rss001.com, Rssmicro.com,Feedzie.com, Codango.com,5z5.com, Jordomedia.com,Leighrss.com.One of the main advantage of using RSS feed over conventional email marketing technique is that with RSS feeds you don’t have to worry about email filtering by the SPAM engine.

The chances of your message (which includes subtle sales pitch) getting across to the readers and subscribers is much higher compare to those involving standard email marketing delivery system.

Another main advantage with using a feed is that most blogging platform such as WordPress and Blogger blogspot comes with RSS or Atom feed system. You don’t need to know the details of how the feed is generated. Just simply blog as usual and the feed is automatically generated.

Here is a good article post on how to get the URL to your blogger blog.   Adding your blog feed URL to as many RSS feed directories do not guarantee blog page ranking and traffic improvement by leaps and bounds  however it will in some way enable more people to get to know your blog and thus this will help to drive traffic to your site. Last but not least, do remember to ping your blog when you have new fresh content using Google blog ping service.

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