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Online Business – Factors You Need To Consider

Posted on : 03-01-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Before you jump into any online business, the first thing that you need to consider is what product or service you wish to get into. On line business is a huge marketplace and virtually everything, both physical and digital products can be marketed , off line as well as online.

One of the key aspects to launching successful online business is choosing a product or service which is high in demand and low in competition. There are known effective strategies that you should use to determine if a product or service is going to be profitable or not.

As I have indicated in my earlier post, you should find a good Internet Marketing Guru as a mentor to help you jump start your online business. Once you get the hang of it and fully grasp the fundamental of online business marketing, you could then rinse and repeat the whole process many many times over to make profit from other online products and services that you launch in the future.

One of the best Internet Marketing Guru that you could count on to jump start your online business is Ewen Chia. He is considered the world’s number 1 super affiliate marketer and has gone to train may successful Internet marketers and online business entrepreneurs. Here’s a free report by Ewen on how to make your first online profit of 1000 dollars within a month. The article is very informative and quite interesting.

Many online entrepreneurs and Internet marketers make the big mistake of developing a product or service first and then trying to find the market for it. Instead, you should first do necessary market research to determine if there is adequate demand for the product or service. Thus rule #1 that you need to do is find a product or service with good demand.

Once you have determine the product or service to get into, it is also equally important for you to determine the competition. The Internet online business world is very competitive in nature. There are hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs engage in the promotion and marketing of all sorts of products and services.

You should consider a product or service which is not too highly competitive in nature otherwise you will have tough time trying to get your blog or website noticed. Your online business won’t go far if nobody knows it exists or very few people stumble across it. Most people make use of search engines to look for information. The higher the competition the more difficult it is for your website or blog to be rank high by the search engines.

You should always ask yourself the big question of ‘Why should customer or prospects consider your product or services when there are hundreds if not thousands of other websites and blogs offering similar items?

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Internet Marketing – Is It Easy As It Seems?

Posted on : 02-01-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing



If you wish to consider making money online (with the exception of any illegal online activities and all other unethical means) you would no doubt come across various Internet Marketing Gurus over hyping and boasting that they hold the secret key to unlock online wealth, secret that is surely guarantee to make you rich in no time.

It’s not surprising for you to get tons of marketing promotions and campaigns that promotes the supposedly so called latest single push button fads, greatest and easiest products, tools or services that you ought to have so as to earn you four to five figure sum in days or weeks.

The cold hard truth is that regrettably over 99% of online Internet Marketing business fails in the 1st five years since start up. For the remaining 1% which made it through after 5 years, less than 0.5% actually make profits. The rest who make it through the five years barely break even.

A lot of people find Internet Marketing and online business interesting and enticing because the entry barrier in particular the start up cost is low. As a matter of fact, with the exception of the cost of the computer and broadband access, you could realistically start any online business without having to spend a fortune.

On-line business start up cost may be very affordable, what most people tend to overlook is the amount of time needed to invest into online business marketing in order to make it successful. You need to be prepare to invest time to educate yourself on Internet marketing essentials such as fundamental marketing and customer relationship concepts, strategies, best practices, tools, products and services critical to the survival of your online business.

If you are new to Internet marketing then you should find a good Internet Marketing Guru to be your mentor and learn as much from them. Quite a number of these successful Internet Marketers has been there and done that so to speak. There is no point to try to reinvent the wheel and learn from mistakes that others has made. Work hard is necessary but more important you also need to work smart.

Quite a number of successful online entrepreneurs experienced failures in their earlier marketing campaigns before they finally starts to break even and subsequently achieved financial independence. No doubt there are ways to quickly earn cash by using some of the techniques, products or services offered by many IM Guru’s, most of these so called get rich quick scheme are short lived.

You don’t need to be an Internet Marketing Guru or holding high qualifications such as PhD doctorate to be successful in online business. What you need is 1) passion to succeed, 2)ability to adapt to changes, 3)commitment to online business and not treating it as a hobby, 4) learn from a good mentor, 5) plan to succeed because failure to plan is planning to fail.

Last but not least, you need to take action to jump-start your online business. If you don’t take action than nothing happens. Some people felt they are not ready to do so because they are still learning the ropes and there are so much information to digest.

Information overload is a normal phenomena experienced by many Internet marketing newbies. A good mentor is therefore very important to help you navigate through the maze of never seemingly ending online business opportunities. Stick to one particular money making model or technique and put your efforts and focus to make it succeed.

If you continue to switch from one online business marketing strategy to the next before it yields any tangible results, you are not likely to succeed. After all, a rolling stone gather no moss so to speak and you don’t want to become a Jack of all trades but master of none.

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Kontera WordPress Plugin Issue On IE8

Posted on : 31-12-2009 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing


There seems to be some problem with Kontera WordPress Plugin v2.8 running on Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 8. After installing and enabling this plugin, my wordpress blog tend to freeze and the warning message ‘ A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly’ occurs repeatedly.

So it is recommended to disable this plugin while the Kontera folks figure out what’s wrong and hopefully fix it for the next release. No issue observed with FireFox though. Seems to be some sort of plugin browser compatibility issue.

You can checkout the below post pertaining to this issue at

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Should You Ignore Blogger Service?

Posted on : 29-12-2009 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Does it implies we should not use Google blogger for any Internet Marketing purpose? The fact of the matter is that we can and should still use blogger free service to promote products or services. Creating a new blog with blogger is really easy and fast.

There is no hassle and no technical things to worry such as setting up database and etc when you go with blogger account . Since blogger has complete control over your blog it is also not surprising that all installation is fully automated.

My recommendation is that you create a blogger blog account for one specific product or service only and make use of that particular blog as a landing page for your Internet marketing campaign. Do not try to promote multiple products or services within a single blog. Google may deem such blog content as a SPAM.

Do not include links to black listed sites or questionable urls which Google may deem as SPAM. Do not include links in your blog to link farms and other sites which do not have any quality contents. Google will not penalize your blog if some other black listed sites links back to yours.

After all, Google understands that you have no control over other sites and urls which links to your blog but you certainly have complete control on which sites or urls your blog links to.

Try to provide a blog name that relates to your product or service. For instance, if you are doing affiliate marketing for say the software Mass Article Control then you could try to name the blog as

If that name has been taken, you could try to add an index or prefix to it such as http://mass_article_control1.blogspot.com. Try to change the name of the blog around the keywords which is related to the product or service.

Last but not least, always back up the content of the blog as you never know as to when Google may just slap a ban on it and take it down. Google does not provide advance warning whatsoever so its better for you to be on the safe side by doing regular backup of your blog postings. Backup the contents of your blog each time you make a new post!.

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Why You Should Never Count On Google Blogger

Posted on : 25-12-2009 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Why You Should Never Count On Google Blogger

Why You Should Never Count On Google Blogger

I have been a regular blogger way back as far as 2006.  The blogging platform that I use is Google’s blogger free service (www.blogger.com). Google blogger service is free and and easy to set up, configure and up running within minutes.

One major shortcoming or rather major differences between  Google blogger blog and WordPress is you can’t create category with blogger.  You can however make use of the label feature in blogger which more or less serves the same function like WordPress category feature.

Recently one of my favorite blogger blog account namely http://stargaterich1.blogspot.com has been removed by Google for being classified as a SPAM blog.  It is a blog on Internet Marketing and I used that blog to communicate my thoughts on IM from a newbie perspectives.

Some of my thoughts on Google shutdown of my blog can found at the following:

No warning was given whatsoever. The blog was removed unexpectedly. I wrote to request Google to review the site and was again informed it is considered a SPAM blog.  The sad thing or rather the frustration is that I can’t retrieved the blog contents.

All my past years efforts has gone down the drain simply because big brother Google deemed it  a SPAM even though I hardly earn a single cent from that blog despite blogging on it for over 4 years! What I value most is some of the contents which I think helpful for Internet Marketing newbies.

I am not a serious blogger at the moment  but it seems it is now high time for me to put more thoughts into how to generate returns from my blogs.  I have gain a lot throughout the years of blogging with blogger though . For instance, through blogger blogs, I have come to understand how Google Adsense , Chitika,  Amazon Affiliate,  Clickbank Affiliate and many other affiliate program works.

As a matter of fact, my application to join many of the affiliate programs  through blogger blogs were accepted with the exception of eBay partnernetwork. I can never understand as to why my application to register as affiliate for eBay partnernetwork were rejected but I guess this is story for another day though.

In summary, you should always use paid web hosted service to power your blog. The most important aspect of it  is that you are in total control of your blog and big brother Google has no way to shut it down as and when they like. I guess its time for me to move my focus from blogger blogs to paid web hosted WordPress powered blogging.

Furthermore, you also have more freedom in terms of monetizing your own web hosted blog according to your niche market, unlike blogger account which has many regulations and a single violation will result in your blog being either suspended or remove totally.

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