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Clinically Established Reasons To Meditate

Posted on : 19-04-2010 | By : Keira Adams | In : Health&Wellness

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Medication started in several millennia ago. There were no records that we able to point out when it exactly began but there are many civilizations that started today’s meditation exercises.

India is well known for their meditation practices. With the passing centuries, many Hindi scholars wrote about meditation and all their benefits. Some of the better-known Hindi texts included the Vedas and the Yoga Sutras that were written by Patanzali.

No one can argue a more influential source of meditation than Siddharta Gautama known as Buddha. In 500 B.C. his goal was better through the practice of meditation. He started so many throughout Asia and in a short time around the world.

The East has practiced meditation for many centuries. The Western world started it a few years later. It was the mid 20th century that started meditation and made it so popular with the Western people.

Now more and more people are starting this type of exercise. Many meditation methods are used in religious practices but there are many that do not use the spiritual part anymore. They will usually focus on the health benefit factors and how it can help them in the fast world that we live in.

Even though the spiritual side of meditation is no longer there for many, it is still a great method for well being. This is one of the central parts of meditation.

What are the reasons to meditate? Brain scans and medical research have provided some answers to that question. Researchers established a connection between spiritual meditation and the body’s physical processes through several studies of participants who were practicing it. They discovered that, with just 40 minutes of meditation each day, a person could actually alter the makeup of the brain — lessening the effects of aging and increasing the amount of gray matter in the right hemisphere. There are many other positive benefits of this practice for people with depression, chronic pain and insomnia, experts say.

Insomniacs are one group of people who can realize tremendous benefits from meditation. At the June 2009 Associated Professional Sleep Societies meeting, researchers from Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Evanston, Illinois reported their findings that meditating in the daytime improved the quality of sleep in patients with insomnia.

Patients noted marked improvement in their sleep latency, total sleep time, total wake time, sleep efficiency, sleep quality and depression symptoms after two months of practicing Kriya Yoga meditation methods. “Results of the study show that teaching deep relaxation techniques during the daytime can help improve sleep at night,” said study leader Ramadevi Gourineni MD.

High blood pressure patients received some good news about the benefits of meditation following a University of Kentucky College of Medicine study. Dr. James W. Anderson found that transcendental meditation is an effective treatment for controlling high blood pressure, without the side effects of anti-hypertension drugs. It reduced 4.7 mm systolic blood pressure down to 3.2 mm, he said. “Adding Transcendental Medication is about equivalent to adding a second anti-hypertension agent to one’s current regimen, only safer and less troublesome,” Anderson concluded after 9 randomized, controlled trials.

There are a few found cases that said meditation was proven to help in the cure of an illness. A huge study done in 1976 by an Australian psychiatrist Ainslie Meares published an article in the Medical Journal of Australia.

The study did state that a patient with cancer regressed after a few sessions of meditation. Meditation is also said to lower blood pressure and this is very beneficial to a human who is at risk for hypertension and other types of heart related problems.

If you’re depressed, you might benefit significantly from meditation. An Oxford University study indicates that mindfulness meditation significantly reduces the number of people with depression. Study leader Professor Mark Williams said: “We are on the brink of discovering really important things about how people can learn to stay well after depression. Our aim is to help people to find long-term freedom from the daily battle with their moods.”

People with early stage dementia also have good reasons to meditate. Qigong and Taiji exercises and meditation classes improved mood and cognitive function in nearly all participants after 20 weeks of meditation therapy, researchers found. “The clinical findings, from my perspective, go far beyond the statistical findings,” said Sandy Burgener from the University of Illinois. “People were happier when they were in the treatment group. Two men came in with walkers and left without them. One is in our Taiji group three years later and is still not using a walker.”

A technique you may want to try to help enhance your calm and center yourself so you can tackle your problems is through meditation. Meditating can be quite relaxing and can help you in every part of your life. Click here for useful meditation information that can teach you to relax.

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