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Create information product in four simple steps

Posted on : 30-12-2016 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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This blog post covers tips and tactics to create an awesome information product quickly based on four simple steps so that you can market it on the digital marketplace and money online.

The four simple steps described in this post is not unique but it is a common strategy often overlook by newbies and unless you follow a working blueprint, chances are that you may end up spending time to create something that either eventually don’t sell or takes longer that what you should to complete.

You may be wondering how on earth some Internet Marketers are able to get their stuffs into Clickbank or JVZoo for selling almost every month. Is it possible for you, even if you have zero experience in digital marketing knowledge to create  and market it quickly, all  within a month or less?

The answer is a big YES. You can not only create one easily and quickly, you can sell it for lucrative profit and continue to do so month after month.

Do Not Sell Junks Based On Private Label Right

Before I go on to reveal the four simple steps, here’s the kicker, it has got NOTHING to do with using PLR materials because the quality of such stuffs are generally perceived to be low and not suitable to be recycled for sales.

Furthermore, it is not surprising that some customers may touch base with you for more in-depth question or advice what they have purchase from you. Chances are that you  will not  be able to offer the best customer support if you are not familiar with the subject matter.

From long term business perspectives, it is important for you to ensure what you are going to sell is of high qualify and  that can truly and proven to solve customer problems.

There are many junk rehash and repackage things being promoted on major digital marketplaces, mostly based on private label right stuff and you do not want to be associated with it.

You should not sell PLR items in the digital marketplace as it will simply harm your reputation and may even probably get your account suspended.  As a matter of fact, I think they are more suitable to be used as giveaways or materials for newsletter,blog or membership content.

How To Be An Expert In What You Wish To Sell Online

One of the main advantage is that you can become an expert in the niche of your choice by simply following a proven 4 simple steps, all without having to invest tons of money to get someone to guide you or teach you. All you need is some time to understand and figure out what value you can bring to the customer.

First and foremost, choose a niche market that you are familiar with or which you have strong passion. Lets say you are an avid and experience Betta fish breeder. Don’t you think it would be easier for you to develop an e-book based on this hobby rather something else you are not familiar with?

Outsource Product Creation

If money is not an issue, you can get engaged someone to create it for you (for e.g via UpWork ). There are some digital product types which more sense to outsource, for instance Internet marketing tools particularly if you are not a programmer or you simply have no time to develop it.

Outsourcing is one of the most important aspect of Internet Marketing that you need to know how to execute as it will free up time for you to focus on other more critical tasks of online business.

If English is not your first language (just like me) or you are not a good writer then it also makes sense to pay someone else to prepare the article content.  One big mistake that I have made  is that I  outsource the entire work including what goes into the content creation to others. This is a big NO NO.

What we should do is defined what key topics goes into the content and then have the third party writer to incorporate it into the information product Always remember that you and only you are the expert of the subject matter and the job of the paid writer is mainly to put down your ideas in words expressed in proper English grammar and sentences.

Software Product Creation – The Big Catch!

Software application launches can be quite successful and lucrative business, particularly within the Internet Marketing niche. New apps are released into the market places such as JVZoo or WarriorPlus on monthly basis. So the question is what’s the catch in regards to it?

I usually have second thoughts about investing either time or money to develop this kind of stuffs.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many people  who makes tons of money developing automation tools for internet marketing business. I guess its a matter of personal choice however there are some key points  you need to consider if you decide to develop one.

Apps generally requires ongoing customer sustaining and support thus it would more sense to engage third party to develop and provide ongoing software  bug fix, enhancement and etc.

My personal opinion is such deliverable is not the best business model because it involves significant capital investment upfront to engage third party developers as well as ongoing technical customer support.

What’s The Best Information Product To Create?

Info content in the form of  “How To” are some of the best topic that sells very well. Regardless of what you do or who you are, there must be something that you knows or familiar with that you can turn into an eBook or an online course.

What if you have zero expertise?  The fastest and most effective way is to find a mentor or an expert or signed up as in a mastermind, or membership course.

If you don’t have the necessary budget to enroll in relevant courses and you have zero expertise then the strategy describe in the following will help you to get started quickly.

The four simple steps to create information product with zero expertise

This strategy involved 4 simple steps so lets go dive right into it. Firstly research about the topic of the information you intend to create.

  • Step #1: Google search sites with relevant keywords pertaining to the niche. Two sites you should definitely checkout are 1)Howto.com and 2) Quora.com. You will get tons of information from these sites.
  • Step #2: Pick up at least 3 books or magazines that covers the subject matter or topic that are relevant to the product from public library or bookstore. If you have zero expertise then one of the book that you must read is the related “Dummies” book.  Go through and read the books until you fully grasp and understand the relevant subject matter .
  • Step #3: Join niche related forums in the Internet and take note of  popular questions or issues discussed. Your information product should focus on solving problems.
  • Step #4: Where possible, purchase or acquire one or two  similar information items sold on Clickbank or any other market place. I can assure you the money spend will be worth it. Study and determine topics or questions that are not addressed in and make your product better.

information products

Final Thoughts

You can create an information product quickly using the four simple steps described in this post.  All it takes is some experience and once you develop the first, you will have no problem to rinse and repeat the same strategy to make it a full time income.

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