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Create Profit Pulling Content For Goggle AdSense.

Posted on : 23-01-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing



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1)Write your own original post from scratch.

Upside to this approach:
Readers are very smart nowadays and they can easily tell if your article posting is unique or if it is plagiarized from other sources. Your article is guaranteed to be unique in this case.

Downside to this approach:
This may not be the most efficient way unless you are a well versed with the topic of the article or you are a very good and experience blogger, article or copywriter. Furthermore, you need to have passion and time to research the topic, organize words, paragraph and sentences into something that will connect and draw the attention of the reader. You can outsource article writing if you have budget for it.

2)PLR (private label rights) products

Upside to this approach:
Private label right articles are great source of contents for your blog or website posting. Most PLR articles contain high-ranking keywords that are of good for SEO purposes (search engine optimization). PLR product is usually delivered in total package so you don’t have to spend time to write the article from scratch.

Downside to this approach:
The downside to PLR contents is that these information products are usually sold in bulk to customers and will not be unique articles. Your PLR article posting may be mark as duplicate content by search engines and this may affect the traffic volume to your website or blog.

3)Publish articles from ezine and article directories.
This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to publish articles on your blog post or webpage. You don’t need to spend time to prepare or gather information for the articles. You just need to ensure you give due credit to the author of the article by including the author byline or resource box as per the publisher requirement (as stipulated in the ezine and article directory for those who wish to publish the articles on their website or blog.)

There are many ways to create profit pulling content to your website. You are not limited to using just one particular method to generate profit-pulling contents for AdSense. You can combined the various methods, for instance, using PLR contents as reference and aid research for you to generate unique articles and postings.

The key thing to remember is that you only get paid when people click on the AdSense advertisement. You can increase the click through rate of your AdSense sites by proving good contents, postings and articles that delight and draw the attention of the reader.

Readers will be generally be more incline to click the ads to find out more if you have raise their curiosity or peak their interest through your postings.

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