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Deceptive Email Subject Lines – Bad Marketing At Its Worst

Posted on : 03-03-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing



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Recently I received couple of irritating emails with the following subject line ‘XXX posted a link on your Facebook wall’ where XXX could be any Tom, Dick or Harry nick name. Naturally when you scan through your mail inbox, such header line will catch your attention and raise your curiosity. Chances are that you will open and read it if you have a Facebook account.

In actual fact sender of such email usually did not post any message on the Facebook wall at all. It is a ruse to trick people to open their email. The content of the email usually goes like this:


I tried to post this on your Wall earlier,
but I don't think it went through,
Anyways, check this out! <affiliate links>
blah..blah...more email marketing messages and promotional links!!....
Warmest Regards
Idiotic Marketer!!!!

Of course I made up the last part of it, the sender name; but I guess any email marketer who adopt such technique deserved the thumbs down for their blatant and misleading email promotion scheme.  Since I received quite a number of  such deceptive email with similar subject lines from different people, I supposed it must be  a technique advocated by some Internet marketing gurus.

Bad email marketing techniques can impact your online business. Doing so will serves no purpose other than to risk getting your email black listed or unsubscribe by annoyed customers.  

You can trick someone to open your email using this bad technique but sooner or later, people will realized they have been duped and by then no amount of coercing will motivate them to ever trust in you.  One should use common sense and remember the saying, ‘ don’t do to others what you don’t want others do to you’.

Despite increasing popularity of social web media 2.0, promoting products or service via email remains a powerful time tested strategy and will very likely remain to be so for decades to come. It is platform independent, effective and last but not least one of the cheapest way to communicate with your customers and new prospects. Don’t abuse it or use it to spam others. It does not pay to do so…I assure you

There are many other similar bad email marketing techniques that people used without giving a though of the consequences and I suggest you do not be tempted to adopt any one of these techniques. It takes months or even years to build your reputation as an honest online business entrepreneur. All it takes is just one such email to ruined it.

The last thing you want to do is to annoy or frustrate customers and subscribers that you painstakingly build over the years with such lousy technique. Those who created this so-called ‘Facebook Wall’ psychology technique are probably retarded…






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