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Deliberate Creation – Instant Self Hynopsis

Posted on : 20-02-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : personal development

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Anthony Robbins is a world renown motivational and personal development coach. He is the author of several best sellers such as ‘Awaken The Giant Within’,’Unlimited Power’ and the most recent being  which he called ‘Deliberate Creation’.  He is based in the United States and had traveled to many countries and spoken to over three million people.

One of the success key factor highlighted in “Awaken The Giant Within’ is that one must take massive action to create positive outcomes. You can’t just wish or hope for it and then procrastinate.  A lot of people like to delay, put off or find excuse not to take action because they refuse to move out from their comfort zones.

Many of those key concepts expounded by him are relevant to not just how to be successful in life, more so in the area of Internet marketing and online business where one must have the right mindset and tenacity to succeed.

Some of the core concepts described in his books are not rocket science or some mambo jumbo ancient secrets .  He talked about ‘one brain two minds’, the conscious and the subconscious mind that interacts in various complex situations which then determine the ultimate response a person will make. By default, under duress many of our reactions to crisis or challenges are less ideal and drive us further away from achieving our goals and objectives.

Here are three  interesting key points that I learnt from his success blueprints.

Believe In Yourself
You can achieve anything you want  provided you believe in yourself. You are more capable than you think. The only obstacle that keeps you from achieving your goal is yourself.  Yes,you heard it right, you are your own biggest obstacle.  Of course self belief is only part of the equation. You need to have other important qualities to succeed, so please continue to read on.

Focus On Your Desire And Cause
Robbins wrote that anyone can realize their aspirations if they put their heart,mind and soul working relentlessly and passionately towards what they strongly believe in. Taking action is not enough because you need to have the passion and purpose to keep the momentum going.

Many people started with big dreams and actions but then give up when the going gets tough because they lack the strong personal conviction to carry them through turbulent times.

Power Of Self Hypnosis
It is human instinct to resist change because we are basically creature of comfort and we seek stay put in our own comfort zone. One of the common traits that many high achiever shared is the willingness and ability to take on risks and adapt to new challenges. Self hypnosis is a powerful method to control your subconscious mind and train your brain to feel relaxed as you take on new behavior and purpose in unfamiliar environment.

Success begins with having the right mind set.  Having determination and hard work is not enough, you need to understand and control your subconscious so that it reverberates in synchronous and align with the energy, better known as the ‘chi’ that governs everything from the law of attraction to your ultimate destiny.

Do check out Robbin’s ‘Deliberate Creation‘ forty five minutes long free video guide.  I am not sure how long the video is going to be up, so do catch the opportunity to learn something from it while it is still available.





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