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Outsourcing Tips – Develop Good Relationship

Posted on : 28-08-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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There are many working Internet marketing concepts and systems, all of which centered around one critical aspects; leverage!  Are you aware of the fact that most if not all successful online marketers use this method to get greater profits and greater satisfaction out of every penny spent and every efforts expended?

Outsourcing is one of the most powerful leverage you have at your disposal.  The technology is available for you to pay or hire others to get many of the jobs done. Put it simply, engaging the professional services of third party experts has to be part of your business, if not you are losing big time.

There hundreds of service providers to choose from, particularly outsourcing work pertaining to online marketing such as graphic design, sales copy writing, programming, digital product creation and etc.  Here is a list of companies that you may approach to contract out some of the tasks.

www.elance.com, www.getafreelancer.com,www.vworker.com, www.freelancer.com, www.guru.com, www.ifreelance.com, www.scriptlance.com, www.getacoder.com,www.superlancers.com and many more.

Establish Close Rapport With Your Outsourcer

One common oversights that many people make is the inability to recognize the true value of relationship a business owner has with his or her outsourcer, particularly those whom they deal with on frequent basis to get projects done. Properly utilizing this overlooked asset can mean thousands, and often tens of thousands of dollars increased revenue and goodwill.

Developing  a good relation ship with those you rely on to deliver good products and services is very important, in fact it is everything that defines how well you do in your business. Here are few tips you need to pay attention, these are valuable and important advice that will save you tons of trouble down the road.

1) Be friendly, be helpful and courteous but not too much unless they become a friend beyond business. Strictly speaking, it is okay being nice but not too much in regards to work,  in other words be professional so that the other party knows as much as being nice, you are serious about the quality and timeline of the work.

2) Be understanding and considerate, most programmers and workers are in third world countries where electricity and internet services might not be available round the clock. Some of the amenities we take for granted  are luxury for these contractors.

3)At times they might not live up to your expectations. Do give them the benefit of the doubt, they will appreciate your understanding, don’t be too ruthless because you have to remember they are paid well below what you might otherwise have spend to get the job done elsewhere.

4)If there is a delay, address the issue head-on by being nice and at the same time quoting deadline.

5)You are encourage to treat them as a ‘friend’ rather than a business partner. However, it is vital that you should not under any circumstances tell or  explain to them how much money you are making or how your entire business model ever works.

6)Be on top of things, knows what is happening, keep asking for updates, email them every alternate day so. You got nothing to loose by keeping track of things closely.

7) Always give specific instructions, you are essentially the visionary, show them how the concept will be and I can tell you that they will make that concept happen. For instance, you may tell them;  ‘I want to get traffic to this site, this is what I want you to do…’

8) Always use pictorial approach to depict and explain concepts and requirements.  For instance, you can make use of program such as Snagit  or standard ‘print screen’ to grab a picture or screenshots for discussion and walk through.

9)Have fun, posting a project and getting bids is exciting. Stay relax and and get yourself excited like a  kid in a candy store. Enjoy the outsourcing process and within no time you will start making profit as well.

Final thoughts

It is important to establish and maintain good working relationship to those you hire or engage to help out in various aspect of your online business.  At the same time, you need to be vigilant on the quality of the deliverable,the timeline and the investment that goes into outsourcing.

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