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How To Dominate Your Competition Using New Gmail

Posted on : 17-08-2013 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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I won’t be surprised if  all your emails to Gmail users landed straight in the ‘promotion’ or ‘spam’ folders. There is no doubt that the new Gmail tab system affects mail open rates and disrupt online sales eventually.

Check out this earlier post on the impact of the new Google mail to your online list building and marketing efforts. As if that is not bad enough, you have to struggle with increasingly amount of competition in your market place for prospects attention, many of which you will never reach due to what many frustrated marketers called ‘Google Sucker Email Punch’.

Don’t let all your time and efforts goes down the drain because all  your marketing emails end up in the promotions tab and never get noticed and nor read by recipients. Worst still, don’t let all your hard works go completely wasted by Gmail which channel all your email marketing campaigns to the spam folder.

The new Gmail tabs impacted a lot of Internet marketers. You don’t have to be one of the statistic and see all your earnings and list building efforts and sales dwindle. Wouldn’t be nice if you could capitalize and leverage on the new Gmail tabbing system to ensure all your mails goes into your subscriber primary folder?

While your competitors are struggling to cope with falling open rates, you can take the opportunity to let more customers and prospects to see your offers and make more money! One important clue I noticed from the new Gmail  message filtering was that  most of the emails targeted were those send from major auto-responder services such GetResponse, Aweber and etc.

Armed with this information, you can easily dominate all your competitor  as far as  email marketing campaigns are concern; with little money, efforts and time using a very simple tactic. What exactly it is? Please read on..

Get Your Email Into The Primary Folder Using This Method!

One of the most effective and possibly the easiest way to take full control of  your new Gmail account, to be able increase your email click through and open rate is by using self hosted or third party personalized private email hosting service such as  that provided by NameCheap‘.

Chances are that emails send through self hosted account service has higher chances of  landing in the ‘Primary’ folder and thus get notice and read by recipients compare to those originates from an auto-responder. The method described here  is certainly not one hundred percent effective nor fool proof. Other factors such as those listed in another post pertaining to  dealing with new Gmail impact where your messages gets channel and directed to.

Why Very Few Consider Self Hosted Email Service

Back in those earlier days, long before the establishment of auto responder service providers such as Aweber or GetResponse, a lot of online business relied on in-house servers, mainly comprising hardware and software to host email service. The cost to maintain such an infrastructure particularly for one-man home based Internet business can be quite substantial, not to mention the technical knowledge and time required to keep in up and running 24 hours round the clock.

If you are technical savvy enough and you have spared old computer at home with reasonable hard disk space, it is relatively easy to set up an email exchange system.  Depending on the operating and the type of server, there are plenty of information online to get you started but basically you really need to have some knowledge of IT to get it done.

Quick Wrap Up

The suggestion highlighted in this post is not intended to replace any auto responder service but rather to let you have higher chances and opportunity to reach out and inform your subscribers and prospects of the need to check their ‘promo’ or ‘social’ tabs for your newsletters or to advice them to configure their mail setting to redirect your emails to their primary folder.

There are other various channels for you to ‘educate’ and inform your prospects and customers for instance through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and etc. The shortcoming though with this approach is that not all your subscribers can be reach through social media networking sites.

Where challenges arise, there exists opportunities which you can take advantage of  to bring your business to the next level.  The new Gmail will no doubt affect many marketers, well you don’t have to be one of them if you apply some of the tips that I have posted in this blog. Good luck and best wishes!


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