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Three Easy Way To Find Killer Blog Ideas

Posted on : 08-02-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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One of the main reasons why there aren’t many successful blogger making good money online (consider the fact that there are millions of blogs in the world wide web!)  is because of the lack of ability to find good ideas to blog on. As the saying goes, content is king and rightfully so but did you know that a good article begins with a good title or topic that is interesting to the reader and it pulls traffic?

It does not matter if you are linguist expert or a gifted writer. If you choose an idea or a topic that is irrelevant, uninteresting, boring or dull then do not be surprise that your blog is going to be a deadwood sooner or later so to speak. You need to know who your target audiences are and then find the appropriate ideas to pen your thoughts, content that will continue to educate, challenge or excite them.

If you have a strong passion, interest and knowledge in the niche that you blog on then it is quite likely that you will be able to build targeted traffic and attract like minded readers to your site quite easily. You can then start to promote products or services to your readers.

Conversely it becomes very difficult for you to maintain the momentum to write high quality article consistently if you are not really ‘into’ into it. Sooner or later you will run out of topics and ideas if you do it with little or no passion.  Readers can sense  if you write posts for the sake of writing or you do it for the love of it.

A lot of people give up blogging after awhile not because they don’t have the time but rather because many do it for the wrong reasons and choose poor or bad topics to begin with and then they get bored with it. I am always reminded of motivational speaker  Zig Ziglar famous quote  ‘give other what they want and you will get what you want’.

Is there any fail proof technique to find a good blog topic?  Do you need to do a lot of thinking, research or even be creative to create inspirational posts?

Problem Solving
Formulate your ideas based on how to solve a problem or how to improve one’s quality life. You can also consider ideas that get the reader to move out from their comfort zone and challenge them to think out of the box. Depending on the niche, you may also consider ideas that are controversial, teasing or exciting.  Some of the feedback by readers are important to help you formulate your future posts.

There are many ways to find new attention grabbing blog topics. Here are three effective and powerful techniques :

Online Forum Participation
There are many ways to find ideas for your posts.  Participate in forums relevant to your product niche and follow up with what people shared or discussed.  You will be surprised that some of the best ideas are found in forums. People are more willing to discussed problems or ideas in the online forums because they can choose to remain anonymous. Yahoo Answer is a great topic discovery tool to begin with. You can get plenty of ideas and topics to write based on the questions that people discussed or shared in the online community.

Rephrase An Answer Into A Question
You can find new ideas from past contents in your weblog by considering questions in the form of ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘when’ or ‘how’. For instance, if a content deals with ‘how’ you can explore ideas from different perspective such as ‘why’.  You will be surprised many new ideas to ponder out from one specific key point in the content.

This strategy is quite often overlook; it is quite effective to find new topics quickly. The good thing about this method is that successive discussions in your posts are related or relevant to previous thus you can manage deep linking or cross links between the articles to improve on page SEO (search engine optimization).

Sales Letters
This strategy is by far the easiest and most powerful means to find topics for blogging.  All the research has been done, particularly on areas that are considered emotional hot push buttons that triggers desires, anxiety, hope and etc.  To make my point clear lets consider a sales letter for eczema treatment with the following headlines and sub headlines.

Control your pain and encourage your skin to heal any infections or lesions with an intense antibacterial action.
Instantly ease your swelling and redness with a powerful anti-inflammatory action.
Diminish your inflammation and your irritation caused by eczema
Alleviate the chronic dryness in the skin by filling in the cracks and gaps in your skin.
Prevent moisture loss and work to restore your skin’s protective barrier

Each of the above key points can be used as ideas for your next post  just by phrasing it as a question using the  “what”, “how”, “why”, “when” and etc. For e.g “How to control your pain ….. or “When to control your pain”…and etc.   You don’t have to figure out what ideas and keywords will interest the reader and  generate traffic.  All this is done by the expert copy writer who prepare the sales letter!

So that’s it, three simple techniques and suggestions to find good ideas for your blog.  There are many other equally effective techniques, you just need to be a little bit more creative and stay relax!. Good ideas comes to your mind when you are in the best of mood . Cheers!






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