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Fixing URL Redirect Problem

Posted on : 23-03-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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There are many reasons why you need to implement URL redirection in your website. For instance, you may wish to redirect traffic from say undermaintenance.com to www.example.net. You can also convert a long URL into a short URL to cater to string character length limitation of system such as Twitter.

Finally I have managed to sort out and move all those ad banners links to URL redirection service from www.urlfreeze.com (which seems to be down) to WordPress URL redirection plug-in (http://www.webmaster-source.com/gocodes-redirection-plugin-wordpress/). I stumbled upon this free WordPress plug-in by chance and decided to give it a try. Wow, am I really satisfied with this free plug-in. It works perfectly fine on my WordPress 2.9 version blog.

Just install the plug-in and you are good to go. It is simple and clean. All you have to do is to add the destination URL termed the target that the script will points to when it is click on and the redirection source string. You can add or delete as many URL redirections as possible.

The shortcoming with WordPress plug-in URL redirection is that it is constraint by the WordPress version so if you intend to upgrade your WordPress to the latest version regularly then there is no guarantee such plug-in will continue to work in the future.

There are many free WordPress plug-ins that does similar thing such as URL redirection, URL shortening, URL cloaking and etc. Another interesting free piece of script that I come across is the standalone PHP scripts which you need to install into your web server.
You may wish to checkout http://www.milliscripts.com/

The main advantage of using standalone PHP scripts or any other scripting languages such as Perl is that it is independent of the WordPress version so you don’t need to worry about script incompatibility when you upgrade your blog WordPress version.

The downside to using standalone URL script redirection, URL shortening or URL cloaking or whatever you wish to call it is that the installation and set up is more involve and complicated compare to equivalent WordPress plug-in implementation.

Regardless, the important thing to note is that never rely on free URL redirection, URL cloaking or URL shortening service because you never know when the site offering such services is going to be taken down. Furthermore, your ranking with search engines may be affected if the third party free URL redirect service you are using is black listed.

Instead, always try to set up your URL redirection service on your own web host server. In that way, you are in total control of the execution of your scripts.

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