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Free 100GB Cloud Backup Storage!

Posted on : 03-04-2013 | By : stargaterich | In : Storage, Technology


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Cloud Backup Storage

Free Cloud Backup Of One Hundred Gigabytes !

You are in luck if you resides in the US, Canada, UK or Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden to name a few ). There is a new cloud backup storage service and it is offering the 1st one million new signed up users with up to one hundred gigabytes of free storage.!
Check it out on this link.

It’s a pity the free promotion is not available for Asia customer as of the time I publish this post.  Thus I am unable to access the free account so as to do more in-depth review.

With that kind of massive online backup capability, you don’t have to worry about running out of  storage space constraints, particularly if you own a flash based or SSD based laptops (which is limited in terms of storage capacity), mobile devices, tablets and even desktop computers so long as you have access to the Internet.

Some of the advantages with using a cloud backup is that apart from ease of doing backups of files and contents, you can use it to share data between various devices such as tablets, desktop computers and mobile devices. Pretty much like Google Drive, except that a whopping massive gigabytes allows you to store video and tons of archives of all your Internet marketing contents.

Click here for more information about network online  storage


Online Backup Versus Cloud Storage

A lot of people associate online data backup with cloud storage. Some even confuse cloud computing with cloud storage. The fact of the matter is that they are not the same. Cloud computing refers to applications that runs remotely from a host server whereas cloud storage reference network storage which comprises massive array of computer hard disk or tape drives.

Content Sync Up

Conventional online backup service differ from cloud storage  in that the latter supports synchronization of content from multiple local machines to that of the online backup copy and it does so seamlessly. Cloud storage technology is a good solution if you need to duplicate and synchronize not just user data files such as video  but also system files involving operating system setting, OS image and even application data such as email contents and etc.

This feature is extremely useful because in the event of data loss or corruption due to local storage failure such as hard disk crash,  recovery process only makes sense if the back up data is up to sync with the most recent local content.  Data or file system reconstruction and restoration process can be very tedious  if the online copy is not sync up to local copy right at the point of failure.

Cloud platform allows you to not just back up your files but also enables you to work on it such that you will be able to have  common sync up documents residing both on your local machine as well as those in the cloud.

Security Access 

One of the top concerns in regards to backup data online pertains to  that of security and privacy issues.  It is not impossible for hackers and cyber intruders to breach firewall and other security measures to gain access to user sensitive data.

Large scale business usually prefers to rely more on cloud storage services due to availability of  anti-breach measures such as hard to crack user access and secure login via authentication (AES or triple DES encryption ) and host of other security measures. General online backup services on the other hand usually lack such protection schemes to deter hackers.


Should You Invest In Cloud Backup?

It all depends on how critical the information you intend to backup. Financial institutions usually requires the highest possible level of security measures as well efficient synchronization of files and data between remote and local copies. Data corruption can happen any time and should the inadvertent occur it imperative that the cloud service subscribed can offer quick data restoration to bring your business back online.

Cloud backup service is usually much more expensive, the benefits far out-weight the cost thus you should consider it if your budget permits. Otherwise, if you operate a home based Internet business a generic online backup will just be fine.

Click here for more details on how to backup your data using cPanel


The key take away message of  this post is that if you need to take data backup seriously and make it a point to save copies of all essential information and content that are critical to the operation of your business regularly . You never know when your computer hard disk will crash resulting in unrecoverable data corruption or security breach by hackers.

As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. On the other hand, you should also be mindful of the fact that any free online services, particularly such as the one discussed in this post can be revoked any time.

You stand to lose all your backup data if you rely solely on free tools and services because your account can be suspended or worst still cancel without any advance warning or reasons.  Always make it a point to have more than one backup copies. online as well as offline backup to serve  as contingency plan.

List Of Cloud Drive Services

  1. Amazon Cloud Drive
  2. SugarSync
  3. iStorage from Iomega
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