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Free Link URL Redirection & URL Cloaking Service Down

Posted on : 20-03-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Well here it goes again Another one bites the dust so to speak. Looks like the free link URL redirection and URL cloaking service offered by www.urlfreeze.com is down. I have no idea as to when nor why the website is no longer accessible.

It could have been hacked or perhaps the business terminated for reasons unknown. Heck, to make it worst I just found out that this site has been banned by the Media Development Authority Of Singapore. It seems that are some people who has misused or abused the free services offered by this great website.

You might be wondering why the need to implement URL redirection or URL cloaking? Well, there’s couple of reasons you need URL redirection. For instance, you may wish to redirect say http://mywebiste.com to http://www.mywebsite.com so that any visitor who type just mywebsite.com at the browser will be able to reach your website. Perhaps you have purchased an mywebiste.com, mywebsite.net and mywebiste.org and you want to forward them all to www.mywebsite.com.

You may also want to do redirection to ensure search engines don’t see these different links as different websites. You may have olds file that has SERP but you have changed your directory structure and you want to leave that file in place but point it to the new file.

URL cloaking serves to protect your affiliate links from being hijack by unscrupulous people This is known as commission theft in happens all the time. It is very easy for anyone to substitute your affiliate id with someone else thus causing you to lose your commission.

It is really troublesome to migrate all your URL redirections when this sort of this happens and which is the reason why you should not go for free online web services if you can help it.
After all, the web masters of such websites reserves the right to take down any services or products without having the need to inform subscribers whatsoever.

I guess we are better off spending some money to acquire URL redirection and URL cloaking scripts and running it from our own web host services or perhaps look for a company that offers such services at reasonable cost.

Don’t ever count on free Internet Marketing product or service. The fact that you are not charge for it implies the product or service can be terminated or removed any time without your knowledge. After all, you should expect no obligation on the part of the product or service provider to continue to serves you indefinitely.

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