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Tips To Manage Your Files Better

Posted on : 05-04-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Free Downloads & Resources, Internet_Marketing



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Here’s a free report by Fabian Tan on how to make money off the Internet. It is a short report of less than 5 minutes to read. The report is entitled  ‘ Ten Fast Cash Ideas To Generate Extra Cash…”. There is nothing earth shattering about the report but it is not suprising that many people overlook those simple cash generating ideas. Basically most of the ideas surrounding online cash generation tactics  involved pure common sense.


Don’t leaves software products that you may have in your computer such as PLR (private label rights) lying around as digital dust. It doesn’t take much time and efforts to touch up some of these PLR stuffs, add some graphics and some updated new contents and repackage it for resale.

Some of these digital products are free stuffs that you and I may have downloaded from various JV (Joint Venture) give away events.  Don’t think that free stuffs are useless or out dated.  Some of the free digital products (even inclusive of free software) are of good quality. Read and digest the contents and give a thought as to how the information that you have will in anyway compliment whatever online business that you are currently doing.

I have so many PLR stuffs in my PC so much so that  I have to admit sometimes I don’t even know where they are located exactly.  Speaking of that this brings me to another important point and that is of housekeeping. Do make it point to organize the PLR and other digital products in your PC. It is quite easy to forget where you stored files especially if you have hundred if not thousands of articles buried deep in hundred of different directories and sub folders.

Take some time to organize the digital products in your PC. Categorize the type products or services that you have and store them in hierarchical related directories and sub folders. For instance you can create a directory called ‘PLR’  and further create sub folders. Give meaningful names to sub folders so that you can navigate through the folders. For instance, store PLR materials pertaining to weight loss under the sub folder named ‘weight loss’.

I usually store those materials which I  access regularly or which I need in the near term into a thumb drive.  That way I don’t need to figure out where those stuffs  are when I need to access it urgently. I just plug the thumb drive into the laptop or desktop and voila, I am done. Of course thumb drive is not the only means for you to transport digital information. You can also backup and store some of the files you accessed frequently into network drive.

There are a couple of free online storage services that I used and by far and large  two of my favorites are  FileDen and WikiSend. You can upload those digital products which you are working on to these sites and then accessed the materials from other computers as and when you need it.

You can also take a step further by using a software organizer to help keep track on the tons digital products in your PC. Otherwise you can also use a spreadsheet to note down what you have and which folders those materials are residing in.  Even though such planning and organizing seems trivial but believe me, it will come in handy especially months or even years down the road you may completely forget where all those digital products are.

Proper management and organization of  the  files in your computer will help you quickly  locate digital products such as PLR articles that you need thus saving you time and increase your productivity. As the capacity of hard disk increased it becomes important for you to manage your files so that you can accessed it with ease.

By the way, always make it a point to back up your digital products because you never know when your hard disk is going to crash.  Believe me, I have been working in the disk drive industry for well over 15 years and those data storage media are much much less reliable than you think!

All those digital products and materials of yours means nothing if you don’t do anything about it. The key thing to take note is that you need to take action. Well it may not be necessary for you to act upon every single cash generating ideas that you come across however you should always keep some of these useful tactics and strategies at the back of your mind.

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