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Misleading Blog Post Title – Why Am I Giving Away My Free Product

Posted on : 14-01-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Did you know that customer retention of 5% translate to something from 30% to 80% improvement in business profits? On the same token, it is said that it takes eight times as hard to convince a new prospect to buy your products versus a repeated customer.

It takes hard work to retain customers but if you are those who wish to kill your business then I have a great tip for you, continue to write blog post and email newsletter with misleading titles. Deceptive and manipulative words trigger human emotion and this is what some bloggers and writers believe should be done to trick people into reading their garbage contents.

Well, for sure one way that you get rid of your loyal subscribers and customers is by spitting out marketing emails and blog post with gross misleading headlines and titles. I come across many such irritating marketing emails and the most interesting part of it is that such emails are from well known Internet Marketing Gurus!

Come on all you so called online business entrepreneurs, don’t treat everyone like idiots cause we are not! Let me cite one typical example. A few days ago, a well recognized Marketing Guru send out an email with the headline ‘Why am I Giving Away My Free Product!’.

Anyone in their right mind will assume that he is giving away a good product for free with no strings attached so naturally a lot readers will open the email and read through it. When I was through with the email, apparently what this fella Alex actually meant was that he will give away his product for free for those who buy another product that he recommends!

Can you imagine what this fella is doing?  It seems to me he has taken a lot of people for a ride with this so called twisted  ‘freebies’ emotion triggering  headlines. No thanks Alex, I am not an idiot and even though you are a well established Internet marketer, I am through with you and I unsubscribed from all his marketing newsletters!

One do not need to have a doctorate or a degree to write a good blog post title or email headline.  No doubt it is important to craft a header that attract attention, invoke curiosity or interest however never go overboard with it because you may end up annoying readers and causing more opt outs.

Some of the email marketing mistakes that you should avoid applies to blog posting as well. Do check some of the tips on how to avoid these email marketing mistakes.  It might take you years to build a good subscriber list so don’t lose them by committing silly subject headline mistakes.

Well, that’s it for today as I am reeling from flu that I caught two days ago, I am in no mood to write. In the meantime, Spring Festival (aka Lunar Chinese New Year) is just around the corner and I wish everyone a warmest prosperous  new year of the Dragon.

(PS.  I came across a giant postal this morning  that states that Dragon kids (those born in the year of the Dragon) shall enjoy huge business success and increase income and profit  this year. Well, I am a dragon kid so to speak so lets see if that is truly the case.  Cheers)

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