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Why AdSense May Not Be Suitable For All Sites

Posted on : 17-06-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Google AdSense is one of the simplest albeit not the most effective ways to generate passive online income.  You get paid whenever someone clicks on sponsored links  displayed  in your post.  Unlike contextual marketing  ads  from many others ( which sometimes requires you to gain approval in order to get paid for putting it up on multiple domains),  the same AdSense publisher account can be use on unlimited sites or domains.

This is as easy as it can get,  simply embed the publisher JavaScript code on any spots in a web page and you are done . Imagine having one blog or website that earns you an average of one dollar a day. Multiply that by the number of blogs and you got yourself  a steady stream of residue income.

It seems so easy to earn quick cash using this marketing technique . Joel Comm an online business entrepreneur is known to earn at least 15k/- per month through this money generating model . His AdSense Code book described various tips and tricks to achieve maximum payout.  Should you therefore display such sponsor ads on all your business websites?

Well,you might be surprise because the answer is not what most expect. There are times using this technique might  IMPACT your online business. You might have noticed that some high page ranking sites do not contain have any AdSense at all. Why you may asked, would anyone leave money on the table so to speak right?

Increase Bounce Rate
What is this term  and why is it important? In a nutshell, it reflects the quality score of a page. You can check out the definition of  bounce rate here. This metric is one of the two hundred or so signals that Google used to compute page rank (PR)  and the position within the search engine result page.

The higher the score, the less effective is the associated page in converting prospects or visitors into customers (either through opt in or turn clicks into ‘ka-chings’).  The longer a visitor stays on a page, the more likely it is for you to convert them to take action such as click on a link, sign up to your newsletter and etc.

Divert Traffic Away
The main problem with any Google ad is that a click on such link does not open a new browser window.  The click diverts the visitor to another URL (short form for universal resource locator) , for instance  the advertiser landing page, essentially driving traffic away from yours.

Once a visitor leave your site, they are not likely to return, they are gone for good unless you are able able to provide some sort of valuable or interesting contents that motivates them  to return to your site.

You may earn some money through AdSense clicks but that’s pretty much to it and sometime the earnings from this is not worth at all compare to the long term benefits of building a responsive and loyal subscribers whom you can sell products repeatedly.

 Use It On Autoblog Or Secondary Sites
Some advocate restricting the use of this passive income generation method on niche marketing sites or those that generated and manage via auto-blogging software. The reason is simple, you do not want to risk affecting  your primary or main website with all those disadvantages described earlier.

If you have blogs that are hardly maintained or those you do not wish to spend too much time on (in terms of contents) , this method is good as source of passive drip feed sideline income. You won’t make much money out of it using this approach but it sure beats leaving the orphan or abandon blogs doing nothing.

Don’t put all your online income source  in one basket so to speak.   AdSense is definitely an attractive source of passive online revenue but be mindful that building a list is more important and Google’s advertising revenue will impact your website traffic.

Therefore this money making approach is not suitable for every business portals. There are disadvantages associated with AdSense. You may want to focus your efforts on building a responsive subscriber list via your main business website and sprinkle the rests of your niche sites or autoblogs with these CPC banners.

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Google launched its AdSense program in March 2003 and made it public in June of that year. Some advertisers complained that AdSense yielded worse results than AdWords, since it served ads that related contextually to the content on a web page and that content was less likely to be related to a user’s commercial desires than search results. For example, someone browsing a blog dedicated to flowers was less likely to be interested in ordering flowers than someone searching for terms related to flowers. As a result, in 2004 Google allowed its advertisers to opt out of the AdSense network.-….*

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