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How To Get Your Site Index More Quickly

Posted on : 14-04-2013 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Traffic + Backlinks Equals High Page Ranking

One of the key metric that Google use to determine the value of a website (in regards to page ranking) is the number external sites linking back to yours. The term incoming link or backlink  are simply links from another website pointing to your post URL There are many ways to improve and increase quality backlinks to your website.

At basicl level,  the search engine must know your site domain name exist so that it can start crawl and index all the posts and links associated with the contents within. The quality and the diversity of the incoming links will to a large extent determine  your site  web page ranking.

Don’t believe those who tell you incoming links are no longer relevant since Panda or Penguin updates. Traffic is literally speaking the lifeblood of all online business. Without visitors patronizing your digital store  you have no way to grow your business.

Increase Backlinks With Blog Ping

Even though traffic generation via social media ( Facebook, YouTube and etc )  are getting more important and count towards improving overall page ranking, notably through diversity of backlinks, old time tested strategy such as article marketing and blogging are not obsolete. You just need to work a little bit more smarter using these trial and tested tactics.

One of the proven ways to get big ‘G’ to crawl your site is via pinging. In a nutshell a ‘ping’ in this context is  just a way for you to notify search engines to crawl your site links which has a  new post or fresh content.

The mechanism to implement this is quite simple. Blogging platforms such as WordPress and Google BlogSpot generate a special XML text file, known as  RSS feed. Each time you publish a new post in your blog,  the updated feed  is routed to  pinging sites such as  pingomatic.com, pingoat.com and pingler.com to name a few .

These pinging sites will then in turn broadcast and  notify some of the major  bookmarking sites such as Technorati as well as  blog directories to let them know you have updated your blog.  Search bots frequently crawl the major book marking as well as the pinging sites to links with new fresh content.  In that way, a ping could help to general extra back link juice to your site.

Ping Your Blog With Autopilot

There is an easy trick for to put your ping on autopilot, that is provide  if you are using WordPress. Log into the admin panel then click the ‘Settings follow by Writing’. Near the bottom of that page there is box titled “Update services”. Within that box you can enter the list of pinging site URLs.  WordPress provides a huge list of pinging services.  You should avoid double pinging the same service twice or more so as to avoid your site being treated as a SPAM blog. The recommended services are http://rpc.pingomatic.com/, http://www.blogpeople.net/servlet/weblogUpdates, http://bulkfeeds.net/rpc, http://ping.bitacoras.com, http://ping.bloggers.jp/rpc/ and http://bblog.com/ping.php.


Google Spider crawl website

Missing Puzzle – UnCrawled  Links

Most people assumed the search engines will quickly find their way to your site and crawl all the links after you are done with pinging.   This is not the case at all because you simply can’t tell for sure if all your links will be index by the spiders.  Let’s say you have five new posts published the past few days.

A ping might eventually result in Google finding only one or two links to the new posts. You may wonder why not all the links are index? Remember there are hundreds if not thousands of new blogs posts published each second!  It is not surprising that some links will take longer time to index than others and some never get crawled at all.

It a big piece of  puzzle if you will call it as to when, how and what criteria the spiders crawl and index links and why some links are noticed more quickly while some are ignore completely. Regardless there are ways to improve your ping crawl rate and search results. Please continue to read on….

Check out this link to  find out more on what a search spider or web crawler is…

Brute Force Repeated Pinging – Will It Help?

You might be wondering why not get around uncrawled links by pinging old links repeatedly (even if you have no new post to publish on your blog.)  My advice is don’t,  it will not help much and you might even get your site into trouble one of these days.

If  this tactic works and effective everyone would have done it and soon the pinging services would be overloaded and shut down.  So the key take away message is that don’t waste your time to explore the use software bots to automate non stop pinging, it simply doesn’t work.

How To Improve Crawl Rate

Thanks to Google,  there are ways for you to figure out which links has been crawled and which are not so that you can ping again only those that are left out by the spiders.  In order to play safe and to avoid Google alarm, you should avoid repeated pinging of all links at the same time.

You can engage the services  of SEO (search engine optimization) companies which specializes in link crawl rate technology. One such company is linklincious. You can sign up for  a free account to test drive the system.  The strategy used by this company to improve craw rate is quite unique and will look natural to the search engine.


Even though lately  Google place a lot of emphasis on link diversity strategy ranging from social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and etc, you should not discount nor ignore simple time tested search engine optimization technique involving blog pinging.

For the record, doing so does not cause any harm so long as it is done properly and you do not resort to spam sort of tactics.  Pinging new links or old links has no detrimental effects but you need to do it in the way that it looks natural to Google

Even if you don’t ping, links will be still get indexed eventually as the spider crawled, it is  just a matter of how soon you want Google discover and index them.

Blog pinging is easy to implement, cost next to nothing and time tested proven  strategy to notify the search engines and major high page ranking sites of  new contents on your blog or website.

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