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Fast Track SERP With High PR Aged Expiring Domain

Posted on : 23-09-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Boost Google Search Engine Ranking With Age Expired Domains

One question quite a few folks asked me recently is in regards to my previous post on boosting SERP with expired aging domain. Many wanted to know how long it takes to get a new website to rank high with it, Well  it is not  just all about how old the domain is but also the quality of the links of web pages and index page which it points to.

If the pre-owned expired domain has been removed from the registry or redirected to another low quality site with no backlinks and Google search bots happens to chance upon it and found it has been removed from the registry than the PR will get reset to zero.


It Is All About Timing

Your time and investment to acquire such domains would be wasted then  (if you go through auction or high bidding of PR6 and above )  if Google de-index it so the aquisition timing is critical. It is pretty much like stocks in the financial market, you need to go in and purchase it at the right time.

Generally speaking, it is quite normal to wait for at least three to six months and at times even for over a year before any improvement in SERP takes effect after you build new quality backlinks to web pages  for old domains which moderate or low PR.  Why would it takes so long for the search ranking to improve?

Well the reason is simple, firstly Google do not update the PRank that often, some speculate twice a year usually when a major search algorithm update happens. Secondly, Google may want to circumvent potential domain trading resulting in sudden surge of high PR sites with poor quality content.

A delay in search ranking improvement or updates after an aging domain has been redirected to new URL will help prevent unscrupulous high bidding and prevent domain traders of taking advantage of it.


Final Thoughts

Search engine optimization is pretty much an art as it is science so to speak. It is somewhat  a moving target so all the SEO techniques many use to boost their site SERP quickly via aging expired domains may not be effective moving forward.



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