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Two Important Tips To Reduce Stress

Posted on : 09-08-2013 | By : stargaterich | In : personal development

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We lived in a fast paced rat race world.Even though the advent of technology has made much improvement to our daily life, for many, particularly adults, stress seems to be the order of the day. In fact for some, anxiety symptoms seems to be chronic and totally out of control, it affects a person’s entire well-being. It seems to get worse off by the days, weeks and months. Many resort to medications and drugs such as antidepressants, sleeping pills, alcohol and etc.

There are those who take up self hypnotism, yoga, deep breathing techniques and meditation in bid to overcome anxiety. Stress is a massive silent killer, it can cause a plethora of health problems such as high blood pressure, insomnia, heart disease, cancer and etc.

Stress related treatment books are big sellers and rake in bug bucks for the authors. Just go to any bookstores and you find that the personal and self help magazines, articles and books related to stress management taking top spots on the shelf. The problem with most of these stress management books are that they rarely yield good results from practical implementation aspects.

For instance, you might come across many personal development guru that emphasize on ‘effective time management’ as a way to overcome stress.  The interesting fact though is that we can’t manage time.  There is 24 hours in a day and there is nothing we can do to add or subtract a minute from it!

Focus Your Attention, Not Try To Manage Time

Both successful as well as struggling individual has same amount of time in a day. What you really need to do is to manage your FOCUS and ATTENTION on things that will give you the most benefits and bring you closer to achieve your goals within the shortest time,  highest return of investment so to speak.

Learn and  make it a point to prioritize the list of tasks or things that you need to do daily.  Some people like to start off their day by doing simple tasks and then work their way through  to complete the more challenging, difficult or time consuming task at a later stage.

Others prefer to start their day by working progressively from the most  difficult tasks to the easier ones towards the end of  business day. So which of the two methods described earlier should you focus your attention on?  You can choose either one so long as you feel comfortable and it suits your way to get things done.

Don’t Procrastinate, Just Do It Now!

The second tip to reduce stress is by not creating one unnecessary in the first place.  Do not procrastinate, make it a point to just do it if you can, right at the moment and on the spot.

Check out this link on why procrastination can limit or even deter your success in life. Some say procrastinating is a learn behavioral process while others think it is a disease.

It is not good to cultivate the habit of deferring or putting aside things or issues that you can attend to immediately. Don’t wait for another day to get something done  if you can have it completed immediately .

Tasks that you put aside or ignore will eventually catch up and  soon you will find yourself having to face avalanche of stress unnecessary.

Take for instance when you get up from bed in the morning, you can either tidy up the bed-sheet immediately before you do anything else or you can go ahead brush your teeth, have breakfast and then  do a thousand and one thing before you tidy up the mattress or the bed-sheet.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to clear the bed first thing you woke up since it is is a simple routine chore that can be done within minutes. The concept of  ‘just do it’ makes a lot of sense isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

No doubt there are many other tips that can help you to beat stress, the two tips discuss in this post, namely learn how to focus your attention and just do it concepts will go a long way to help avoid or alleviate stress.

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