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Improve Your Blog Traffic With RSS Feed Directories

Posted on : 01-07-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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RSS, which stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’ is a communication means by which many web sites used to keep their readers updated on the availability of new information published and posted on their sites. A feed is a communication channel as well as the medium where information is formatted according to specific format (for e.g. RSS format or Atom ). One of the best ways to promote your website is by submitting your site feed to major online portal such as Yahoo RSS Feed.

A reader can subscribe to a site feed using what is called the RSS reader. There are many different RSS readers which you can use to access a site feed. For instance, try to subscribe to this website feed; you will notice on the upper right hand corner of the feed there is a ‘Subscribe Now’ section that display a number of feed readers which you can use to subscribe to my feed.

Here is a list of RSS feed directories which you can use to promote your site RSS feed: Most of the feed directories are free to use so you have nothing to loose. It may seems rather cumbersome to go through each and submit your feed manually so you may wish to consider investing in a good software utility that automates feed submission.

Feedagg.com,Rssmotron.com, Rss-network.comFeedlisting.com, Feednuts.com, Icerocket.com, Plazoo.com,Rss001.com, Rssmicro.com,Feedzie.com, Codango.com,5z5.com, Jordomedia.com,Leighrss.com.One of the main advantage of using RSS feed over conventional email marketing technique is that with RSS feeds you don’t have to worry about email filtering by the SPAM engine.

The chances of your message (which includes subtle sales pitch) getting across to the readers and subscribers is much higher compare to those involving standard email marketing delivery system.

Another main advantage with using a feed is that most blogging platform such as WordPress and Blogger blogspot comes with RSS or Atom feed system. You don’t need to know the details of how the feed is generated. Just simply blog as usual and the feed is automatically generated.

Here is a good article post on how to get the URL to your blogger blog.   Adding your blog feed URL to as many RSS feed directories do not guarantee blog page ranking and traffic improvement by leaps and bounds  however it will in some way enable more people to get to know your blog and thus this will help to drive traffic to your site. Last but not least, do remember to ping your blog when you have new fresh content using Google blog ping service.

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