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How To Rid Yourself Of Information Overload

Posted on : 08-11-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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I came across this interesting video by Mario Brown, the product creator of Mobile Apps Takeover. In this video Mario discussed the importance of getting over paralysis by analysis syndrome.

He also touched upon the need to avoid the wrong mindset in trying to be expert in everything and trying to do everything instead taking necessary action to try to make money online first.

He provide tips on how to overcome information overload so that  you can start to take actions that generate sales and make money online  instead of  buying all sorts of products or services in never ending cycles.

I must admit I commit one of the ‘sins’ he described, that of spending too much time daily in trying to catch up with tons of marketing emails and newsletters that  fill up my inbox.

In short the key message of this video clip was that learning is a never ending process and if you want to be expert in everything  first before you take action and apply what you have learn you will end up doing nothing.

Another mistake many onlinepreuneur make is that they try to create a perfect product or service before they launch it to the market. Well, the fact of the matter is that you can’t satisfy and meet every customer expectations.

Somewhere along the line you have to make the judgment call, so long as the product is over 80% done and tested to acceptable confidence level, just proceed to bring it to the market.

Please do not get me wrong, I do  not advocate the idea of short changing customer by selling  sub-standard quality and sub par under performing products.

The first sale is just the beginning,  repeated business with loyal customer is what matter most.  Check out my previous post on the  importance of getting repeated customers.

Once the order starts to trickle in , you can invest the the profit generated from the sales  back into the product so as to enhance it or create the next product that compliment the current one.  


Mario is a typical average guy from Germany who makes his mark in the world of Internet marketing, through sheer hard work and determination.

The advice that he offers in this video clip is gold nuggets so to speak. Underpin at least sixty minutes daily to focus on your online business activities, do the work that translate into sales.

Stay away from distractions that rob you off the opportunity, disconnect from the Internet if you have to. You will soon double or triple your online income.

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