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Interesting Abbreviation

Posted on : 02-12-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, personal development


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Youngsters and teenagers are pretty creative when it comes to using the SMS (short message service) or Twitter. Due to to the limitation of the number of input characters, all sorts of abbreviations has been created. Those abbreviations are pretty interesting. Take a look at the below:

AFK ————————————— Away From Keyboard
ASAP ————————————— As Soon As Possible
A/S/L? —————————————-Age/Sex/Location?
BBIAB —————————————-Be Back In A Bit
BBL —————————————-Be Back Later
BBN —————————————- Bye Bye Now
BBS —————————————- Be Back Soon
B/F —————————————–Boy Friend
BRB —————————————- Be Right Back
BTW —————————————- By The Way
CU —————————————- See You
CU L8ER—————————————See You Later
CYA —————————————- See Ya
GGP —————————————- Gota Go Pee

GL —————————————- Good Luck
G/F —————————————–Girl Friend
GMTA —————————————- Great Minds Think Alike
H&K —————————————–Hug And Kiss
IC —————————————–I See
IMHO —————————————–In My Humble Opinion
IMO —————————————–In My Opinion
JK —————————————– Just Kidding
JTLYK—————————————- Just To Let You Know
KISS —————————————- Keep It Simple Stupid
L8R —————————————–Later
LMAO —————————————- Laughing My A%#$$ Off
LOL —————————————–Laugh Out Loud
MorF —————————————–Male Or Female
OMG —————————————–Oh My God!
PM —————————————–Private Message
PMSL —————————————–Peeing Myself Laughing
S^S’up—————————————-What’s Up?
SUP —————————————–What’s Up?
TGIF —————————————–Thank God Its Friday
THX ——————————————Thanks
TFN ——————————————Tata For Now
TTYL——————————————Talk To You Later
TY ——————————————Thank You
WB ——————————————Welcome Back
WTF —————————————–What The F***
WTG ——————————————Way To Go
YW ——————————————-You’re Welcome
G/F ——————————————-Girl Friend

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