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Internet Business Live 2 Seminar – My Thoughts

Posted on : 30-09-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Internet Business Live 2!

Internet Business Live 2!

I attended Internet Business Live 2 seminar organized by two of the biggest Internet Marketer names in town namely Ewen Chia and Patrick Chan. It is one of the most interesting and rewarding seminar I have ever attended. It was held at Singapore Novotel Clark Quay hotel on September 24th and 25th. There are quite a few people who flew in from as far as Australia and US to attend the event.

I learn quite a number of strategies and techniques in the seminar, most of which you will not be able to find else where. I am surprised that both Ewen and Patrick is so open and willing to share, so much so that they even show us some of their successful websites as well as disclosed some of the under radar strategies and techniques!.

How many Internet Marketing Guru’s do you know of are willing to show and let people see their money making websites ? Not many I suppose and here in IBL2 we have two of the most well respected and established trainer and speaker disclosing some of their best money making websites!

Most seminars usually involved multiple speakers, each lasting about an hour and so where the speech is usually scripted in advance and then follow with up sell of products and services, not so with Ewen and Patrick. The up sell of their 6 month intensive Internet marketing training follow through only after they have completed the training seminar.

One of the thing that I find most interesting about IBL2 event is that Ewen and Patrick conduct the seminar in a free flow manner where they speak freely and pour out their thoughts and gave some valuable insights when it cross their mind. It is not a scripted event so to speak. I can tell that they truly believe in sharing the wealth of information and experience that they have gained so that others may benefit from it.

The lack of preparation does not compromise the quality of the seminar but rather it enhance and makes it more lively and fascinating. The biggest take away that I gain from IBL2 is that Ewen rightfully points up that everyone can succeed online just like him and in all essence success is all about foremost having the right mindset and secondly the ability to follow a proven Internet marketing blueprint system.

There are many ways to make money online. There are so many business model to choose from. Do not be intimidated by all the various marketing techniques. You don’t need to be an expert in every business model in order to succeed. You certainly do not need to be an Internet techie or Internet savvy to start a profitable online business.

What matter most is find out what best works for you and then do more of the same thing in order to make even more money. The key technique is what is usually called rinse and repeat. Once you have established a money making business model that works for you then you can move on to explore other techniques.

The online business landscape is ever changing but the basic principle on how to make money online remains the same. It is truly and evergreen technique that both Ewen and Patrick has mastered and put to perfection. You stand to gain a lot by enrolling in some of their best training courses and coaching programs.

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