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3 Internet Marketing Mistake You Must Avoid

Posted on : 18-11-2016 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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What are the top 3 Internet marketing mistake to avoid and why do you have to bother about it ?

Have you ever wonder why only 2% of Internet marketers truly make money online? Yes, that’s right, only the top 2% make it big.  The rest either barely break even or continue to bleed and burn their cash in the business until they finally go broke.

Here are three top reasons why 98% never make a dime online or barely make enough to recover their investment in terms of time and efforts.

Internet Marketing Mistake #1- Zero Action Equates Zero Result

If you don’t take any action nothing happens. This is simply common sense but you will be surprised that many people just continue to spend money on the next Internet marketing software or product in the hope that it will change their lives without actually taking ANY actions whatsoever.

It’s as simple as that, if you don’t take action or simply put it off to last minute in the notion that you need to learn more before you start to work on it, chances are that you will never start and remains where you are period. As someone rightfully put it, take massive imperfect action is better than waiting for perfection before taking the 1st step!!

Put it in another way, if you work for someone and you do nothing, take no action despite being assign tasks what do you think your boss will do?  Internet marketing and any online business for that matter require actions on your part so the sooner you take action the sooner you will learn from mistakes or learn from experience to move on.

Internet Marketing Mistake #2 – Information Overload- Fail To Take Massive Imperfect Action

This is perhaps the biggest problem faced by most Internet marketing newbies.  We are bombarded with all sort of money making strategies and tactics.  It is not surprising for most people to receive tons of marketing emails daily promoting the latest and greatest secrets to earn big bucks.

As the saying goes, too many of a good thing may not be good after all.  You will go nowhere with your business, be it online or offline if you don’t focus and spend enough time to try it out. Moving quickly from one business marketing strategy to the next without any patience is a recipe to achieve total failure insofar as online marketing is concerned.

Give yourself at least six months or more to focus on implementing just one particular technique  and if you still don’t make it  by then  explore other means and moves on. I have seen some people focused on CPA marketing for just one week and the next moment move on to Shopify to sell physical products.

The key takeaway message is stop trying to waste money looking for that ‘shiny objects’ in the hope that it will make you successful online. Stop subscribing to forums, Facebook groups, chat and marketing emails which do nothing but only serve to distract and confuse you with tons of information.

Stop subscribing to forums, Facebook groups, chat,blogs, social-media and marketing emails which actually don’t really serve any meaningful purpose other than to  distract and confuse you with tons of information that you don’t need to take the 1st step.


Internet Marketing Mistake #3 – Did Not Establish Any Measurable Goals

As the saying goes, failing to plan is to plan to fail. You must define at least one goal to achieve within the next six months in regards to what you plan to do in the online space world  and then further break it down into sub-goals then is manageable and measurable by months, weeks and even days. You can’t achieve or improve what you can’t measure, so the saying goes.

Most people (that includes me of course but I got over it eventually ) prefers others to set goals for them and also have others to drive them to meet it. Don’t think so?

How many employees do you think prefers to set for themselves challenging goals with aggressive timeline to meet? Most prefer the boss to estimate the timeline and as a matter of fact would even go as far as to negotiate to factor additional 25 percent margin time on top of the schedule underpin by the boss.

So being your own boss makes it even more difficult for yourself to set challenging but realistic goals,  to commit to work towards and to achieve it.  Bottomline, being your own boss which is what most home based online business is all about requires discipline and firm and resolute commitment to make it happen.

Know your numbers particularly in regards to how much you spend and invest into your online business, track your results and compare it against the goals you have set. If you don’t have a plan or metric to reference , you are practically going to lose money or time or both insofar as online business is concern.

Wish to know more about how to set goals? Check out this link

internet marketing mistake

internet marketing mistake

Quick Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why many people failed to make money online. In most cases, the problem lies with themselves, mostly for having unreasonable expectations or simply not taking it seriously to want to make it successful.

Among the three reasons listed above, inaction is the biggest factor , after all, you may have heard the catchphrase ‘no pain no glory, no risk no gain’ so to speak. So in summary, do yourself a favor, stop being a NATO ( no action, talk only) and start to take action. The first step is always a hurdle but you will get over it and make progress if you set your mind and focus on it.


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