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What Internet Marketing Tools To Invest In.

Posted on : 12-11-2016 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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I used to invest lots of money into Internet Marketing tools and software in the hope that it will help me to make quick money.  Some of these tools could certainly improve work productivity, particularly in areas of automating repetitive tedious tasks such as market and keyword research, content generation, article spinning to name a few.

Here are some important things to consider before you whip out your credit card to buy such tools. You may end up paying more for what you bargain for.

  • Is it one time off payment or monthly subscription fee based?
  • Warranty timeline and the terms and conditions for the refund of the product purchased.
  • Do you need to install the software in your PC/mobile or is it cloud based in form of software as a service (SAS)
  • Expiration timeline for the ongoing software patch, bug fix and upgrades
  • Does it operates on both MAC and Windows
  • Licensing in terms of how many PC or computers can you install the software
  • Is there a community where you can share experience, issues , patches or fixes with other customers who purchase the product.
  • Mechanism to upgrade the software tool ( Is it a one click auto upgrade or you have to manually apply the patch )
  • Availability and the type of training materials on how to use the tool or product effectively.
  • Any past testimonials from beta users or if the product or tool is an enhancement from previous older version then what are the feedback from past users.
  • How much time or how much money do you expect to make or save (ROI) from using this tool
  • How frequent will you be using this product/tool/software
  • How soon do you intend to start to use it, is it immediately and if not then can you do without it.
  • What is the learning curve to master the tool, how simple or difficult do you think it will be.
  • Any comparable tools in the market with similar features or performance and price comparison.
  • Reputation of the product vendor (Do a background check on any negative feedback on the vendor promoting the software or the product developer )
Internet Marketing Tools To Invest In

Internet Marketing Tools To Invest In

Consider Outsourcing In Internet Marketing

If you don’t see yourself making use of the software tool or product at least once a week then don’t waste your money to acquire it ; you are better off spending the money on getting someone else to get the job done,probably at a fraction of the cost of the product you intend to buy.  You can outsource almost practically anything pertaining to Internet marketing and online business. Just head to FiveErr and UpWork to what you need to be done quickly at very affordable price.

Become A Beta User For Free Applications

You may also consider using free tools that are readily and widely available, just Google search and you will find tons of free stuffs that you can use for zero cost. Alternatively you can check out forums and board discussion to sign up as beta users for tools under evaluation (beta testing). Here is a link to a good graphic and photo editing beta tools which cost nothing except the time for you to get familiarize with.

Most software tools becomes obsolete within a year after it is released, Most of those that I invested in no longer works after several months, either due to the need to change the implementation of the API within the program and probably tons of other reasons. The most annoying part of it is that the vendor or supplier of the product cease to provide patch or updates after a year or so and you are left with digital garbage.

Focus On A Single Internet Marketing Money Making Technique

It is quite easy to get distracted by all those Internet marketing tools released to the market on almost every weekly basis  and the general tendency for most people  is to buy the latest shiny stuffs in the hope that it will help get them to make money with it.

This is the ONE biggest mistake that I make for the past several years and unless you start to focus on just one particular money making technique and stick to it for as long as you can, you will go nowhere with all the tools  you buy.

Say for instance, you decide to focus on Affiliate marketing and then you pick up to three products that you wish to promote. Once you have done the necessary research on those products (market trend and demand for the products and profit margins) you will then decide the strategy or approach to get people to notice your offer. You can either focus on free search traffic via SEO (search engine optimization) or paid traffic (Search Engine Marketing ).

Let’ say you decide to use paid traffic to drive visitors to your website or landing page. Next you need to determine the search engine marketing strategy to use.  Let’s assume you opted to go with Solo Ads to gather leads or prospects.

By using a systematic approach on each step of the marketing process you  are less likely to get distracted with other ‘shiny objects’ and focus on the necessary tools to achieve the end goal which is namely to make money from promoting affiliate offers of the products you have targeted.

Quick Final Thoughts

I am an advocate of automation software and tools to improve work productivity. Where possible and if you can afford it by all means go ahead and invest in products or services that can help you make more money quickly. However you need to stay absolute focus and be really selective on the type of Internet marketing products that you wish to invest your hard earned money on.

Don’t get distracted by all those over hype marketing emails on the so called ‘latest must have money making stuffs’.  Ultimately it is the value that you bring to your customers and prospects which matters and not what tools you used to promote or reach out to the your prospect or leads.

Be very focus on what products you wish to promote, the marketing strategy and approach that you will take and last but not least the tools that you need to get the job done. In most cases you may realize that there are many free tools that can meet the requirements.


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