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KaChing – Joel Comm’s Guide To Running An Online Business

Posted on : 23-11-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing


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Joel Comm’s  definitive guide book to running an online business entitled ‘KaChing’ was published last year. I  borrowed this book from the Singapore Causeway Point public library last week  and done with reading  the entire book in just  three days time.

Even though this book has been on the shelf of bookstores for over a year, the tips and ideas in it is still pretty much relevant and applicable today. Many of the advice and strategies are pure common sense, I guess it is quite easy to overlook some of the more practical and simple tasks that will help boost our productivity.

‘KaChing’ is unlike most Internet marketing books that I have read.  All together there are eight chapters and surprisingly the content is very easy to digest, light in grammar but rich in key points, strategies and tips that will improve your online business .

Chapter 1 covers not just the introduction but also some tips on how to build a website quickly. The acronym ‘KaChing’ is pretty interesting as it sounds like the sound made by the cash machine when money goes into it.  Joel commented that blogging is a good strategy but nothing counts unless you make money or ‘Kaching’ from it.

Chapter 2 touched on choosing the right niche and the relevant keywords.  There are some interesting tips on how to create a nice ‘KaChing’ but targeting micro niches.  Joel shared the seven keys to success which he personally used to achieve his goals.

Chapter 3 is all about what it takes to produce valuable content that will attract visitors to your site. Joel gives some nice tips on seven content types that brings more ‘KaChing’.  You don’t even have to be writer to produce good content.  I like the fact that he emphasized the key point on the fact that it is not what you write but rather how you write that matters.

Chapter 4  covers ideas on making money online through selling information products, how to create  killer ideas for your information products, writing copy that sells, recruiting affiliate and adding a finishing touch to your website by including a shopping cart.

Chapter 5  is my favorite,  notably on making money through affiliate programs, choosing the merchants that match your market, choosing products that people want and strategies for massive affiliate success. This is one chapter I go through twice. I am sure you will find it interesting and valuable regardless you are novice or experience marketer.

Chapter 6 is all about creating passive income.  There are many ways to multiply your income and getting ‘KaChing’ round clock. Joel suggest membership site a good business platform to begin with. He  include tips on how to create membership site the fast and easy way.Factors such as membership site  pricing and types of offers are also covered.

Chapter 7  described the importance of branding and how to achieve that through coaching. He also highlight the low end versus high end coaching and the benefits and disadvantage of both.  This is an important chapter to pay attention to.

Joel summarize and wraps up the important factors with case studies  on contents sites, affiliate supported sites, information products, subscription sites, branding and coaching.

‘KaChing’ is truly Joel Com’s definitive success guide to starting any online business. The  strategies and information  described in the book  are proven time tested formula that will work regardless of changes to the Internet marketing landscape.  If you have read the book do yourself a favor. Go pick it up and read it, I am sure you will find your time well spend on this book.

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