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Kontera WordPress Plug-in Issue With IE 8

Posted on : 03-04-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing, Tools


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It has been quite awhile since I have trouble with Kontera Word Press Plug-in running on Internet Explorer version 8. As a result, I have no choice but to disable Kontera advertising from the blog. It is quite strange though that there is no issue with the plug-in running on Fire Fox browser. I was hoping that perhaps Kontera might be aware of such issue and working on a fix for it.

I am using Alvin Pang’s Atomic Blogging Version 3.0 theme and I am surprised to find that his blog at www.gathersuccess.com has no issue with Kontera plug-in.  Not too long ago I noticed his website also has similar issue with Kontera and it seems to me he removed Kontera from it. Apparently he has managed to fix the problem and his website is up and running Kontera under IE 8 with no problem.

I spend close to over 2 hours today in trying to experiment with different versions of Kontera Word Press plug-in but to no avail and the problem persist.  The Kontera JavaScript runs slowly on my blog under Internet Explorer 8. Fed up I  decided to muster up my technical knowledge to try to determine the cause of the problem.

I managed to get a JavaScript debug trace of the Kontera JavaScript which caused IE 8 software exception. It remains to be seen if the problem is caused by Kontera JavaScript or due to the interaction with the Atomic Blogging theme. Anyway, the Kontera plug-in  works with Fire Fox so it’s kind of hard to tell if the problem is solely Kontera issue or not. I am more inclined to think that is is most likely a cross browser and Word Press theme compatibility issue.

I wrote a mail to Kontera notifying the technical support team of the issue I encountered and attached the JavaScript execution trace. Hopefully they can provide a get around solution to the problem. Perhaps some may ask why bother to put Kontera ads on my blog if it is problematic? Well the simple answer is because it is additional source of income for publisher when people click on the ads and buy product or service through my blog. Cheers!

Some people has reported website performance slowdown presumably due to Kontera ads but it’s hard to confirm if that is truly the case. Reason being that there are many others who don’t feel any noticeable slowdown with web page loading and I guess combination of factors such as the type of browser,the type of widgets and even blogging platform all interacts with Kontera.

Attached is the JavaScript trace which cause IE 8 execution to halt.  It is quite easy to capture the trace. All you need to do is just go to the IE browser  ‘Tools->Internet Options->Advanced’ and unchecked the ‘Disable script debugging’ options and voila, you are good to go to capture the JavaScript trace.!


You should always disable  the browser script debugging capability once you are done with the JavaScript  trace collection. Reason being that hackers may be able to exploit the IE browser script debugging feature to control and cause harm to your computer.  Make it a point to disable any unnecessary features from your browser settings.

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