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Legal Suite Pro Review

Posted on : 29-01-2017 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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What Is Legal Suite Pro

This post is a review of Legal Suite Pro which I purchased a month ago. I hope you gain some insight from this review and that it will help decide if this tool is worth your investment.

Legal Suite Pro is a WordPress plugin developed to expedite the creation of legal content for any kinds of web portal. The legal notice produced by Legal Suite Pro can be incorporated seamlessly into any WP theme or into a standalone HTML file of any website.

It is affordable and easy to use. You don’t have to hire any attorney or be an expert in areas of Internet marketing laws to prepare the content associated with legal stuff.

Legal Suite Pro WP Plugin Review

Legal Suite Pro Review

Legal Suite Pro Review

Legal Suite Pro creates up to nine different types of legal statements, all with just a few clicks.  You can combine or exclude some of it easily with just a few click of the mouse.

Legal descriptions such as  ‘privacy policy’, and ‘terms & conditions’ are some of the most important descriptions which Google and many other social media platforms consider in terms of SEO ranking and audit purpose. You should ensure it is displayed or published on your sites.

FTC compliance is a must when dealing with affiliate marketing. You should also declare earning disclaimer to protect your business.

When in doubt you should display as many relevant legal notifications depending on the nature and what is publish on your web portal.


Once this plug-in is installed, you are presented with two options namely 1) Legal Suite Pro and 2) Page Creator.

You can create up to 8 types of legal declarations via the Page Creator menu and have it incorporated into your webpage automatically.  This is really a time saver  You can also opt to consolidate the selected legal declaration into a single HTML file and then incorporate that as a standalone document.

You should ensure it is displayed or published on your digital real estate. You may also be required to include other relevant legal notifications, most of which depends on what is publish on the site.  The information provided by this software are more than adequate to accommodate most requirements.

1) Anti-spam  2)DMCA & Copyright notice, 3) privacy policy, 4)Disclaimer pertaining to earnings, social media and medical where applicable, 5)FTC requirement, 6)Terms and conditions.

Cookie Compliance Bar

There are often complaints that the legal disclosures are intentionally positioned in obscured areas and as a result webmasters has hard time to argue in disputes with customers.
One way to mitigate this is by displaying an icon with ‘ I understand’ or ‘I agree’ which user must click before they are taken to the website.

With Legal suite pro you can include  disclaimer text banner at the bottom of website.  You can change the text of the banner or button and color of the background easily.


User friendly via 1-click feature and it can’t get any simpler than that. It is super easy to use and you don’t even need to bother with legal stuffs. The entire installation and setup process takes less than three minute.

The legal statements are professionally written and will help to protect your online business investment from customers and conformed to Google & Facebook ads requirements and regulations.

Anti spam and privacy policy helps to increase conversions and opt-ins because visitors will feel more assure and confidence that their contact emails remains confidential and will not be shared to others without their consent.

The very least you must have is the privacy policy legal words on sites that you wish to collect email contacts. You can check out a sample of the output generated via this software by clicking here.


Plugin or theme incompatibility with ‘1-Click legal Page’

Regrettably I was unable to get it to work via the one click option using one of my WP blog. I suspect it could be due to some integration issues involving the interactions between the plug-ins and perhaps the theme

I tried it on a brand new freshly installed WordPress site with bare minimum add-on installation and it works fine. The ‘Page Creator’ and the ‘Cookie Compliance Bar’ features works just fine on all the sites I tested.

The incompatibility issue is not a show stopper. You shouldn’t see it as a critical limitation that hinders you from using it. It could very well just be an isolated case. Besides, you can always manually create a file and then copy over the contents generated by this software tool from another test page to your money site.

Final Thoughts & Summary

Legal definitions may dictates the extend of risk you could confront in managing and operating your business online. As such , privacy policy and anti-spam notices are critical legal statements that webmasters must include to safeguard your money making websites as well as for SEO and increase conversions purposes.

Be as truthful and accurate as possible and put up notice of your legal information as prominently as can be. In this regards my review on Legal Suite Pro indicates it does an excellent job.

In summary, is this product worth your investment? I would say definitely yes.

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