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Free CD & DVD Burner Software!

Posted on : 27-06-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Tools

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Most computer laptop and desktop is equipped with a DVD burner. I still vividly recalled years way back it was such a hassle to do data backup on floppy disk. The most inconvenient part of it was that it is limited to 1.44MB per floppy.

Not so today with multi-layer DVD disc backup capabilities. You can easily burn almost up to 9GB worth of data into a single multi layer DVD disc. With the exception portable data backup storage using hard disk drives which offers data backup up to Terra byte range, data backup with DVD is a brisk job if you use the right DVD back up software.

Most DVD burner (or DVD rewriter) comes bundled with the necessary software. You can also buy third party software which contains a whole range of multimedia suites support. For instance, Nero and Roxio software are some of the best software money could buy.

Apart from data backup for personal computers, some of these software offers other interesting features such as multi platform support for mobile device data backup and multi video and audio format conversion.

If you are tight on cash and you in urgent need of using a good DVD burner & backup software then you are in for luck. I have used a free CD and DVD backup software for the past few years and I must say I am completely satisfied with all the bundle features which rivals even those commercial paid software.

One of the most outstanding feature of this free software is that it can even ‘repair’ some of those bad master copy DVD or CD that you are trying to duplicate from. For instance, I have some Cd’s which are problematic to access, probably due to scratches or corrupted data somewhere.

Nero or Roxio software backup fails as a result of error in accessing the bad cluster of data. Surprisingly, this free software was able to perform the necessary error data correction, fix it and burn it to the new disc in brisk without any user intervention. The CD backup was done successfully where no other DVD backup software were able to do.

The free software that I am referring to is called ‘imgburn’. You can check it out at www.imgburn.com. It is one free software that you should have and if possible do show your appreciation by donating to those who took the time and efforts to make it what it is.

In summary, who says that you pay for what you get? I used to believe that nothing is free in this world and that there is no such as thing as some of the best things in life are free. Well, at least for now, imgburn utility has convinced me beyond reasonable of doubt that some of the best things in life are free indeed!.

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