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Can You Live An Extraordinary Life?

Posted on : 18-06-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : personal development


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Living an extraordinary life

Do you wish to live a larger than life personality? Do you doubt you could ever live an extraordinary life even though you think you don’t have special talent and wealth?

I just finished reading a book entitled ‘Living An Extraordinary Life’ written by Robert White. This is one of the most fascinating books on personal development and self-improvement that I’ve read.

This book offers overall insight into how most of us tend to overlook the fact that ordinary people can live extraordinary life through changes to thoughts, beliefs and last but not least, taking actions to achieve what we want in life.

Robert’s advice and tips to achieving extraordinary life is easy to understand, practical and absolutely doable regardless of individual circumstances and challenges.

Robert himself once went through a painful divorce and through the various trials and experiences in life, he has developed a highly effective set of techniques which allows individual to attain the right mindset and belief needed to live a life of extraordinary experience.

Some of the interesting key points noted in his book which Robert highlights preventing a person from living extraordinary life are:

1) Blaming one self for past decisions made (act of self sabotaging)

2) The reluctance to get out from one’s comfort zone.

3) Bearing resentment or grudges against someone which did us wrong.

4) Failing to take actions or taking actions without changing one’s own beliefs.

Quite often we look back to unpleasant pasts circumstances and blame our self for some of the seemingly bad decisions made.  Instead of reproaching our self, Robert advice that decisions that we made way back then were in fact the best decisions given those circumstances we were in. Since we can’t change the past, it is therefore no point for us to dwell in the past and regret some of the decisions.

In one of the chapters, Robert cautioned that contrary to what many personal development Gurus would have you believe, being optimistic and believing in what you can and want achieve is not enough. You need to alter your belief and take responsibility for all your actions.

In all things that we do, convert all feelings of negativity, insecurity, uncertainty, anger and fear into something positive by helping those in need. As Zig Ziegler once said, we get what we want by helping others!

Living an Extraordinary Life is a great companion book for those seeking simple practical method to living extraordinary and fulfilling life. Can you life an extraordinary life? Well, you bet!

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